10 Truths About Sildenafil 💪

Penis Self-Esteem Builders for Every Penis

Feeling like maybe your little guy isn’t measuring up? Don’t give in to low penis self-esteem! Let’s talk about what it really means to have a good-looking penis.

It’s Not Erectile Dysfunction! 5 Less Serious Reasons for a Weak Erection

Having issues with a weak erection lately? It may not be erectile dysfunction, but something a little more harmless. Let’s check out a few reasons a man may be having weak erections.

Penis Discoloration: 6 Reasons You May Be Sporting a Purple Penis

Nothing strikes fear in the heart of a man like seeing an odd penis discoloration looming down below, especially when it’s purple. Let’s talk about six reasons you may be rocking an eggplant emoji in your shorts.

Penis Pain: Pelvic Pain Syndrome and How to Deal

Penis pain doesn’t just happen on the tip of a man’s member; it can also be a much deeper issue. Let’s talk about pelvic pain, one of the kinds of penis pain men suffer with.

Some Penis Health Tips for Planning for That Doctor Visit

Maintaining proper penis health means making regular visits to the doctor for sexual check-ups. Sometimes a man needs to prepare a little bit for a doctor visit.

You Might Want to Check Out These DIY Masturbation Devices for Men

One of the beauties of masturbation is that it is so easy to do and requires so little preparation. However, some guys may want to investigate DIY masturbation devices for a little variety.

If Cortisol Is Up, So May Be Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is a condition that no man wishes to deal with. Science indicates that erectile dysfunction is more likely if one’s cortisol levels are too high, but what causes them to go high?

Fight Dry Penis Skin During the Winter

Winter is here, and all that nasty chill may make a man forget to check for dry penis skin. Taking steps to prevent and treat this issue makes for a more presentable penis.

In Bed With a Bent Penis: Sex Positions

Going to be with a man with a bent penis may require some consideration of what sex positions are most likely to be the most comfortable and effective.Often when a man has a severely bent penis, he is said to suffer from Peyronie’s disease.

When Penis Pain Is Due to Urethral Stricture

Ouch! Penis pain when a man is urinating is nothing to laugh at. Knowing the source of that penis pain, such as a possible urethral stricture, can help to alleviate the problem.

Some Advantages of a Small Penis

Although some men may not believe it, there are numerous advantages to possessing a small penis. Consider the 4 that are discussed below as a few examples.

Refractory Period Impacts Penis Function

A man’s penis function determines how frequently he can physically have sex after ejaculation. This period of “waiting time” is referred to as his refractory period.

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