3 Bad Habits that Make You LESS Attractive

How To Be Happy With Your Penis Size – 5 Ways To Be Totally Satisfied With Your Size

Most every guy seems to be concerned about their penis size. But very few learn how to be happy with their size. Here we reveal 5 important ways towards total satisfaction.

Ways to Get Rock Solid Erections Without Drugs or Their Side Effects

A lot of men suffer with erectile disorder. What is worse is that prescription drugs can lead to a lot of side effects and are not suitable for every one. This article lists some of the best ways to get harder and stiffer erections without using drugs.

A Red Penis for Two – Telling Partners About Bisexuality

A guy’s sporty red penis is a source of pride, whether he is straight, gay or bisexual. Sharing that bisexual penis with two partners, though, means also making sure sexual history is also shared.

Penis Size – Man Vs. Animal

Penis size is a common male fascination, with many going to great lengths to have the biggest penis on the block. But how does a man stack up when he compares himself with other animals?

Harder Erections For Longer – How To Stay Hard And Last As Long As Possible

If you are a guy, you know how important a rock hard erection is. Learn how to maintain one and not lose it too quickly!

Increase Your Penis Size For Life: 3 Things Worth Knowing About Jelqing and Diet

Do male enhancement exercises work? What about phalloplasty or surgical techniques? Are they the ONLY way to optimize, improve and increase penile size, or are there natural and more affordable approaches that work as well?

How to Make Your Penis Bigger Without Supplements? This Is How I Enlarged My Penis Naturally!

Do you want to learn how to make your penis bigger without supplements? The Internet is full of dishonest folks that may present offers and ideas in regard to penis enlargement, but they are just presenting solutions that don’t work and will only fill their bank account up with your hard earned money.

How To Make The Penis Bigger – 3 Methods Worth Trying

There has been dozens of penis enlarging tricks that have come and gone. Here are 3 actual ways for how to make the penis bigger that are actually worth trying.

Understanding Penis Pain – 5 Non-STD Related Causes

The first signs of penis pain can send men into a panic over the possibility they have contracted an STD. However, numerous other issues can lead to a sore penis; understanding these can help men manage their penis health more effectively.

Sore Penis Prevention – Tips for Men Who Are Considering Genital Piercing

Many men are inclined to decorate their tools in various ways, including genital piercing. To help avoid a sore penis as a result of the piercing, there are a number of penis care steps that a man can consider. A personal choice Genital piercing is rather controversial; the decision to pierce is a personal one, and a man should make sure he understands all that is involved before moving forward.

How to Conquer Sexual Performance Anxiety

Erectile dysfunction is a very common complaint these days for men with erection issues. More than one in ten men cannot achieve and or sustain an erection. Most men will have a story of at least a time or two when anxiety problems worked their way into the bedroom.

Increase Penis Size With Exercises – 7 Tips To Grow An Inch

Can you really increase penis size with exercises? Check out these 7 must do tips to grow an extra inch!

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