3 “BETA” Mistakes that Destroy Your Confidence

A Healthier Penis in 5 Easy Steps – Personal Care for Every Man

Though most men prefer to think they are “low-maintenance” when it comes to personal care, there is one body part where TLC is needed to keep everything running smoothly. Learn 5 essential steps to proper penis care.

Penis Pain Myths – 5 Things Guys Believe That Are Totally Wrong

How much do men know about penis pain? It turns out that many things they believe are not really true, and ignorance could lead to improper treatment.

Important Things To Know About Prostatitis

Prostatitis is the inflammation of the prostate gland and it affects a lot of men. It accounts for in excess of 2 million clinic and hospital visits every year in the US alone, but only 10 percent of cases are due to bacterial infection and respond to regular antibiotic therapy.

Tantric Sex Positions for Every Man – Blow Her Mind With These Erotic Moves

The idea of tantric sex implies a certain mystique, and many think this extraordinary experience may be out of their reach. But with a little help from these tips, most men can take their sensuality to a new level.

Oral Sex for One – The Pleasures and Pains of Autofellatio

Autofellatio, the performing of oral sex upon oneself, is not something that every man can accomplish. Those that attempt this tempting pastime should realize it can cause pain and discomfort as well as pleasure.

Treatment Options For Phimosis And Tight Foreskin Issues

There are various treatment options for people who are suffering from phimosis and tight foreskin issues. It is important to become educated on the subject before you make a decision on the appropriate treatment.

Penis Sensation Boosters – Masturbation Tips and Tricks to Try Tonight

They say an old dog can’t be taught new tricks, but when it comes to improving masturbation techniques, it’s worth a shot. Learn 5 new masturbation tricks to try tonight.

No Sex Tonight – 9 Ways Men Accidentally Kill the Mood

Guys mean well most of the time, but let’s face it; they can really mess things up in the bedroom. Learn 10 mistakes guys make that are mood killers and how to prevent them.

How to Cope With Sexual Dysfunction

Sexual dysfunction appears in many forms to men of any age. Identifying the problem correctly is essential to a safe and successful treatment.

The 3 Safest Penis Enlargement Exercises You Should Follow to Get What You Want

People always say that you should be happy with what you have and with what you have been given in life. That saying goes for anything, really – including the size of your manhood. However, the truth of the matter is that men can’t help fussing over their penis size. They are never satisfied with the size of their manhood and thus always look for ways to make it bigger.

How To Start Off On The Right Foot With Penis Enlargement For GUARANTEED Results (FAQ’s Answered)

Do you want to ensure you get massive penis enlargement results consistently, quickly, easily, naturally, and permanently? Continue reading to see exactly what you need to do…

Penis Pop-Ups – 10 Things to Do With an Unwanted Erection

A red penis popping up at inopportune times can be inconvenient or embarrassing. But think of all the things that one can do with a pop-up penis; the possibilities go well beyond the bedroom.

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