3 Mentally WEAK Behaviors that EVERY Girl Hates

Foreskin Restoration – Can It Improve Penis Sensation?

Men who have been circumcised at birth may worry that their exposed glans has left them with reduced penis sensation. In some cases, foreskin restoration may be an option.

Orgasm Myths and Facts – All About La Petite Mort

A man may think he knows everything there is about sex and orgasms, but chances are some things will still surprise him. Find out more, as well as how to keep the penis healthy.

Before Penis Enlargement Exercises – The Importance of the Warm Washcloth Warm Up

Before penis enlargement exercises, it would be incredibly important to warm up your manhood first. The same way that stretches are important before running, warming up the penis before penis enlargement exercises is also important.

A Simple Effective Breathing Technique To Prevent Premature Ejaculation

In this article, I am going to discuss briefly a few things about breathing and how it can help prevent premature ejaculation in man. I will also share a simple yet effective breathing technique that has been proven to lower a man’s arousal and in turn help delay ejaculation.

Preparing for Penis Enlargement Exercises – 4 Ways to Warm Up Your Manhood

When preparing for penis enlargement exercises, one of the things you have to pay close attention to would the warm up of your penis. Warming up the penis happens to be very important when preparing for penis enlargement exercises and stretches in order to avoid unwanted injuries. Plus, if you do things right, you will get to reap even more benefits than usual once you get to the actual exercises afterwards.

The Right Way to Do Jelqing Penis Enlargement Exercises

A lot of men in today’s day and age are interested in learning jelqing penis enlargement exercises, so that they can enlarge their manhood in terms of both length and girth. Unfortunately, there are only a few men out there who actually know the exact steps on how to do jelqing penis enlargement exercises correctly. If you aren’t exactly sure how to go about these exercises yourself, here is a step-by-step guide that you can follow for the best results possible.

How to Warm Up and Warm Down the Penis Naturally for Penis Enlargement Exercises

Penis enlargement exercises are considered to be great – if not the best – options to enlarge a man’s penis in today’s day and age. However, in order for these penis enlargement exercises to actually succeed, it would be absolutely essential for you to warm up your penis beforehand and warm down afterwards.

Jelqing Penis Enlargement Exercises – How Do They Work?

Ever since the beginning of time, men have tried hard to expand their penis size and the overall duration of their erections. In some cases, they have even sacrificed their safety and that of their manhood just to get the chance to make their penises bigger. From manual shaft stretching to jelqing penis enlargement exercises to hanging weights on the scrotum and the penis – men have tried them all.

5 Penis Enlargement MISTAKES That Can Put You In The ER! (Plus What Works Safely And Quickly)

Tired of feeling self-conscious about your penis size? Feel like you’re not pleasing your significant other? Well, if you want to enlarge your size… GUARANTEED, there are 5 mistakes you MUST avoid if you want real results. Continue reading to see what they are… and what to do instead…

Sore Penis TLC – Clothing Choices for Pampering a Healing Manhood

Every guy turns up with a sore penis at least now and then. With any luck, the soreness is the result of a major score, and not because he’s come down with a rash or infection. But whether the cause is too much sex or a more complex penis health concern, a sore member is one that needs to be pampered.

Optimize Penis Health and Performance With 9 Must-Have Nutrients

Maintaining optimum penis health is key to a thriving sex life. Find out which 9 nutrients help keep the penis primed and ready for action.

Five Sex Positions That Could Damage the Penis

Whether a man is in a brand-new sexual relationship or is looking for ways to spice things up with a long-term partner, trying out new sex positions and scenarios can be delicious fun. On the other hand, it is easy to get caught up in the moment, and an enthusiastic thrust in the wrong direction can end up causing serious pain. Believe it or not, it is possible to bruise or even rupture the penis, and the wrong move can lead to unfortunate consequences.

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