3 Reasons You DON’T get Girls (97% GUYS DO THIS)

Penis Oddities – Strange But True Facts About the Manhood

It turns out that the penis, which is generally viewed as a pretty straightforward tool, has a few little secrets up its… well. Here is a look at some of the weirdest facts about the manhood.

Penis Health and Male Infertility – Everyday Culprits That May Prevent Conception

Though it seems like it should be easy, getting a partner pregnant presents a challenge for many men. Learn more about some common, everyday culprits for infertility and how to solve them.

Penis Enlargement Exercises Can Make You Sexually Fit – How to Do Kegel Exercises

Did you know that penis enlargement exercises could make your manhood harder? They could also help you control and time your ejaculation and help you last longer in bed in order to satisfy your sexual partners better. In other words, penis enlargement exercises could turn you into the ultimate sexual stud!

Penis Enlargement Workouts – Kegel Exercises Can Treat Urinary Incontinence

If you suffer from urinary incontinence, then you should know that this condition is completely manageable and preventable with the help of penis enlargement workouts. That’s right. Not only will penis enlargement workouts grant you with a longer and stronger penis in the long run; but they will help you fake full control of your bladder, as well.

Basic Penis Enlargement Workouts – Do the Exercises and Enjoy the Benefits

Cardiovascular health and testosterone aside, basic penis enlargement workouts that focus on the PC muscles are the ultimate key to long-lasting and strong erections for men. In a nutshell, the PC muscles refer to the hammock-like muscles that support the pelvic organs. They stretch from the tailbone to the pubic bone and form the pelvic floor.

Male Sexual Dysfunction – Why Alcohol Can Ruin a Man’s Plans in the Bedroom

Though often times adult beverages are included in the plans for a date night, anniversary or special occasion, men who have big plans in the bedroom after the conclusion of the date should lay off the loud-mouth soup. Why? Sure, alcohol may give a man more confidence to approach a woman at a bar and may-temporarily-make him feel like a real Casanova in the bedroom, but alcohol can also negatively impact sexual function, leading to a rather sluggish performance.

5 Foods to Avoid For Prostate Health

Prostate cancer has remained prevalent among men today compared to any other type of cancer. Race, family history and age are some of the high-risk factors associated with prostate but research has also shown that diet plays a major role in reducing the risks and controlling the growth of the disease.

11 Simple Sexual Tips To Last Longer During Sex

Many men have a hard time trying to hold back ejaculation while having sex. While there is no determined time where it is considered premature ejaculation, ejaculating too early dampens sexual pleasure for both the man and his partner. This article will provide 11 simple sexual tips to help hold back that ejaculation and enable the man and his partner to enjoy sex longer.

Five Masturbation Mistakes Guys Don’t Know They Are Making

A mistake made during sex could leave a partner unsatisfied, unhappy or even unhealthy; that’s why thousands of how-to manuals have been written regarding sex, and why hundreds of thousands of men have their noses buried in these books on a daily basis. But there have been few such guides written about masturbation, and as a result, the average guy makes a staggering number of mistakes that could damage the penile tissue and lead to long-term issues with penis health. Here are 5 of the most common mistakes made by fappers everywhere.

Sleep Sex – The Real Dangers of Sexsomnia

Sexsomnia, or sleep sex, actually does exist, just as does sleepwalking and talking in the sleep. But this disorder can cause trouble for those afflicted with it.

Improve Penis Appearance With One Secret Ingredient – The Benefits of Alpha Lipoic Acid

Keeping the penis youthful is important to a man’s self-esteem and self-worth in the bedroom. Using a cream containing Alpha Lipoic Acid can help fight wrinkles, improve penis appearance, and boost sex drive.

Understanding the Male Metabolism: Eat Like a Man

For males to gain muscle, we need to eat lots of protein and do strength training, aka lifting. For males to lose fat, we need to eat less calories than we burn. It doesn’t matter what kind of food we eat, as long as we don’t eat more than we burn. The trick to changing body shape is to strength train while cutting as well, because the body needs to be reminded that it needs the lean muscle tissue.

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