3 Things EVERY Girl Wants You to Do (in the bedroom)

Performance Anxiety: Overcoming the Bedroom Blues

Performance anxiety can affect virtually any man at any time in his life. Persistent worry about one’s sexual ability can lead to dysfunction in the bedroom; managing stress and boosting confidence may reduce anxiety.

Boost Penis Sensation Naturally With Everyone’s Favorite Vitamin

Vitamin C isn’t just for colds anymore; evidence shows that it could even boost penis sensation. The right penis health creme could be key to penile skin that is supple, smooth and sensitive.

Penis Facts and Fallacies: 5 Myths About Sex, Masturbation and Pregnancy

Myths about sex and penis care could force a man into fatherhood, before he’s ready to take that step. Knowledge could help a man to make better choices.

3 HUGE Lessons I Learned Once I Switched To Doing Penis Exercises (Which Lead To HUGE Results!)

Want a MASSIVE erection, a hanging flaccid size, and more? Read on to find out the 3 huge lessons I learned once I made the switch to natural penis exercises… and the huge gains I made as a result…

Prostatectomy and Erectile Dysfunction – What to Expect After Prostate Removal

For men who are suffering from prostate cancer, a radical prostatectomy can be a lifesaver. However, before making the decision to remove the prostate, all men should understand the potential side effects and possible solutions.

Penis Sensation Loss – Finding Real Answers to a Sensitive Question

Penis sensation loss can be a life-altering problem, leading to loss of enjoyment in sex, relationship problems, and even impotence. In many cases, the solution may lie in an accompanying health problem – some possible causes are explored here.

Facial Redness and Irritation – Big Problem for Many Men

Men’s facial skin is prone to be red and irritated due in part to shaving. Friction and excessive sun or wind exposure are other possible causes. The underlying cause is inflammation. The redness and irritation are symptoms of inflammation.

5 Penis Health Conditions Almost Any Man Can Avoid

When it comes to penis health, an ounce of prevention is truly worth a pound of cure. In fact, men who practice proper penis health care may be able to completely avoid these five common conditions that can strike a man below the belt.

7 Penis Health Facts Every Man Should Know

Having a penis does not make one an expert in penis care and maintenance. There are certain penis facts every man should know about his equipment to protect his penis health.

Sore Penis Woes – How Much Masturbation Is Too Much?

Some men may fear they are engaging in the act of self-love too frequently, but who’s to say how much is too much? Know the warning signs for too much masturbation and how to avoid a sore penis.

Sore Penis Solutions – Overcoming a Painful Wardrobe Malfunction

The interlocking teeth of a zipper can cause unfortunate penile injuries. Using common sense in the moment and TLC down the line can help the pain of a sore penis to subside.

Dry Penis Issues – Banish Flaky, Itchy Skin With Shea Butter Products

A little daub of butter can transform dry toast, popcorn or baked potatoes into an instant delicacy. A different kind of butter could bring the same kind of transformation to the penis. Shea butter, made from the extract of the seeds of the Shea tree, is a key ingredient in any penis care regimen, as it can deliver healing right where men might need it most.

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