5 Harsh Truths about Women

Why You Should Get Only Natural Penis Pills For Boosting Your Sexual Performance

Natural penis pills: The pleasing planet is now learning to pleasure under greater pressures. Generally the word ‘pleasure’ refers to sexual delight under most circumstances. The disappointments arise when the extent of the pleasure is not soothing enough for the couple. It may be a lag on the man’s part or the woman’s. Luckily, to overcome this there are natural or herbal penile pills for men, as well as sexual enhancement pills for women, though here we are concerned about the male partner.

Male Enhancement Pills For Penis Enlargement – Are They For Me?

What determines if male enhancement pills for penis enlargement are for me or not? There is no definitive answer to this question. It depends entirely upon what you want or don’t want as a man and as far as your sex life is concerned.

How To Last Longer In Bed For Men – Why It Happens And Your Next Step To Becoming A Stud

The how to last longer in bed for men question is one of the most sought after problems that many men bury deep inside only for it to resurface when they least need it. If you understand why you don’t last longer then you are going to have a much better chance at curing early ejaculation and improve your sex life no end. The two common male sexual dysfunctions are premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction.

Is There a Correlation With Laptops and Male Infertility?

In the latter part of 2010, stories surfaced exhibiting that laptop computer usage may affect male fertility. Even in circumstances where a cooling pad is used while using a laptop computer, it still had an effect on one’s fertility based on the reports. Keep in mind, the reason that the testes are located outside of the body in the scrotum is so that they don’t become exposed to the intense warmth contained in the body.

Is Being Obese Bad for Sperm Quality, and If So What Can Be Done to Treat It?

Being obese has several negative health consequences and can lead to various problems and conditions. Obese individuals may be at greater risk for heart disease, diabetes, certain types of cancer and other serious health problems and consequences.

Exercises to Increase Penis Size – How to Get Maximum Results With Minimum Effort

There are number of different exercises to increase penis size and number of workouts as well. If you want to use exercises to increase penis size, then obviously you want to make quick gains. There are men, who have easily increased their penis length by 2-3 inches and a few even 4 inches.

Exercises To Help Get Rid Of Your Man Boobs

Anyone who has man boobs knows how depressing it can be because it can lead to a lack of confidence and a heightened sense of awareness about your appearance. It is said to be caused by too much estrogen in the body and lower testosterone levels, so losing weight may not necessarily help you lose your man boobs, but it is still trying to lose weight to see if this does help.

The Reasons for Hot Flashes in Men

In the good olden days, menopause was believed to be only a woman’s problem. But today, doctors associate it even with men. The term ‘hot flashes’ according to them is associated with the changing levels of hormone and is known as male menopause or andropause. The secretion of the testosterone hormone reduces with age and this causes hot flashes.

Premature Ejaculation Solving The Problem Part 2

Premature ejaculation can have disastrous effects on individuals and couples. A doctor and certified sex therapist, with forty years of practice experience discusses the pros and cons of the options available to solve the problem of “coming too quickly”.

The Secret To Get A Bigger Penis Size Guaranteed: Every Man Should Know This

It’s not a secret that most men are not satisfied with the current size of their penises. From ancient days men have always wanted to have a bigger than average penis size. To most men, a bigger penis size means an increase in self confidence as well as the ability to please women without fear of not performing well in bed. Although in reality this is not necessarily true, the fact still remains that there are thousands of men looking for the ‘secret’ to get a bigger penis size.

Male Ejaculation – How Much Is Considered Normal?

Do the amount of seminal fluid produced at the time of ejaculation and semen quality enhance male pleasure? Find out more about male ejaculation and increasing sexual pleasure.

An Overview of Male Fertility

Male fertility is often the elephant in the room. When it comes to fertility it is a rough guideline to assume that 1/3rd of problems with conception are male related, 1/3rd female related and 1/3rd a combination of both. With male fertility declining nationally it is more important than ever for males to do what they can to keep themselves fertile if they intend to father children.

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