5 Rules Men Should NEVER Break

Peeling Penis Skin – What It Means and How to Treat It

Peeling penis skin may be nothing more than dryness, but it could also indicate an underlying health problem. The causes and risk factors are discussed here, as well as at-home tips for calming distressed skin.

Taming the Erect Penis: Masturbation Control Strategies

A guy alone with an erect penis can be forgiven for indulging in a little masturbation now and then. It’s fun, the equipment is readily available and when there’s nothing else to do, it alleviates boredom. There’s nothing wrong with masturbation, but sometimes a guy falls into a situation where he’s fondling himself a bit too often – or a bit too roughly.

Penis Enlargement – Can Traction Devices Really Give You a Bigger Penis?

A lot of men wonder whether they can really make their penises bigger by trying out different penis enlargement methods. While some men adamantly believe that penis enlargement products are mere scams and that it isn’t possible to enlarge a man’s penis size through them, the fact of the matter is that there are also a lot of men who have already tried these methods out and have come out of the experience completely satisfied.

Penis Enlargement Devices – How Do They Work and Are They Safe?

In a nutshell, penis enlargement devices work by applying pressure onto the penis. In time, this will then stimulate brand new cells and make the penis grow bigger and stronger. To be more specific, penis enlargement devices are able to expand the corpora cavernosa chambers, so that they can hold more blood in the penis as a whole.

Penis Enlargement – Surgical Vs Non-Surgical Methods

Since so many men are interested in penis enlargement nowadays, different surgical and non-surgical methods of enlarging a man’s penis have been popping up left and right. Whether these methods are backed by science or not, the fact is that they are all effective in one way or another. Let us touch on those different methods here.

Penis Enlargement – The Most Effective Ways to Increase Your Penis Size

If you want to increase your penis size, improve how your penis looks or simply gain a bit more confidence in bed, you will be happy to hear that there are various penis enlargement options available today. Surgery is probably the most effective penis enlargement method today since it can instantly increase your penis size. What the surgeon does is loosen up the spongy layer of tissue in the penis to make it hang lower and, in turn, make it look longer.

Penis Enlargement – 5 Methods That Can Actually Give You a Bigger Penis

The penis consists of three different areas: two corpora cavernosa chambers, which hold most of the blood that goes into the penis, and a smaller corpus spongisum chamber, which is primarily used when you ejaculate. All three of these chambers have blood vessels in them that get filled up with blood whenever you get an erection, though.

Penis Warts: How Long Do They Last?

For men with penis warts, time is the enemy. They want these bumps to go away, and they want that healing to start as soon as humanly possible. Unfortunately, without the right kind of penis care, warts can stick around longer than they should.

None of Your Business, Doctor!

When you’re over sixty sometimes the body and brain don’t work as well as they used to. I recently called a doctor because of what you might call sexual dysfunction. Matter of fact, that is exactly what you would call it.

Sore Penis: Why It’s Happening and What to Do

A sore penis rarely appears for no reason. Often, the problem starts small, and it might even go totally unnoticed, but without the proper penis care, these issues are bound to get more and more severe, until a man simply can’t concentrate due to his pain and discomfort. The best way to heal from a sore penis problem is to determine what caused the soreness.

Erectile Dysfunction – Are the Winter Blues to Blame?

For some men, erectile dysfunction is a constant problem; for others, it might come and go. If performance problems only occur in the winter, seasonal depression may be the cause.

Penis Enlargement – Basic Beginners’ Questions Answered!

If you are a beginner in the world of penis enlargement, then this article is perfect for you because it will answer all of the questions that you might have regarding this particular topic. What is Penis Enlargement? What is penis enlargement, to begin with?

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