500mg Testosterone?? Coming clean about my new TRT protocol

Thyroid Problems: The Hidden Cause of Sexual Dysfunction

If you are feeling slow and sluggish, you should have your thyroid hormones tested. Thyroid problems are often the root cause of low male hormone levels and poor libido function. The thyroid is required for controlling metabolism, hormone production and energy levels.

Sore Penis – Causes, Symptoms and Treatments

A sore penis is not usually an indication of a serious problem, but knowing what to look for can help men decide when treatment is needed. Some of the top reasons for a sore penis are discussed.

Penis Pain – How to Tell If It’s a Penis Fracture

Mild pain of the penis is nothing unusual, especially after an enthusiastic romp. On the other hand, sudden and severe penis pain can mean something is seriously wrong. Tips for avoiding penis fracture are discussed here.

Got A Small Erection And A Itty Bitty Flaccid Size? Avoid These Mistakes And Get BIGGER In 3 Weeks

If you’re lacking size down below, and you want to get bigger, then there are 3 mistakes you MUST avoid. Learn what they are… and what to do instead…

Myth Buster: The Truths Behind Losing Man Boobs

Out of desperation, you must have already searched high and low to find the real effective methods to lose man boobs. The Internet presents you a wide range of techniques courtesy of ‘man boob gurus’ and try each one out only to find out they have no value after all.

Penis Odor – Why It Occurs and How to Get Rid of the Fishy Smell

A fishy penis odor is not pleasant, but it is something that men can get rid of fairly easily. Find out what is causing that fishy penis smell and how to resolve it.

So You Want Bigger Muscles? 3 Tips That Really Work

There are many ways to go about building muscles, many of which are just not going to work! You need a plan and the knowledge of what steps need to be taken to gain results and get those results quickly.

Are There Alternative Treatments For Gynecomastia (Man Boobs)?

Gynecomastia, or Man Boobs, is a condition that affects some 40% of teenage boys, and up to 60% of the adult male population. Often, they go away on their own, but when they do not, this condition can prove embarrassing and painful for its sufferers.

Penis Bruising and Bending: Causes, Symptoms and When to Get Help

Although the penis is robustly designed, injuries can occur. Bruising, bending and trauma to the penis can cause long-term injury if not treated. Learn to recognize potentially harmful penis symptoms and take active steps to avoid long-term penile health issues.

Which 3 Penis Enlargement Methods Won’t Work Due To Genetics? (And Which 2 Work No Matter What?)

Concerned that you won’t get bigger because of your genetics? Avoid these 3 products… and what will work no matter what…

Do Women Like Men Who Take Male Enhancement Pills?

If there’s one thing that a woman wants in her man it’s a good deal of sexual satisfaction. A woman will be pleased by how a man acts in bed or in intimate situations will be more likely to feel comfortable around him. It’s all about making sure that a good relationship can be as close as it may possibly be between two different people any a given time.

Managing Penis Health – All About the Foreskin

According to research, the foreskin is one of the most important factors in arousal and the enjoyment of sex. Understanding the functions and proper care of the foreskin may contribute favorably to male sexual health.

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