6 Most Common Causes Of Low Libido In Men 😮


Itchy Penis Tips for the Summer

The curse of an itchy penis can become even more problematic during hot sweat-filled summer months. Take steps to combat the itchiness that can mar so much summer fun.

What Does Penis Pain With Urination Mean?

Penis pain is an awful thing for any guy. Unfortunately, penis pain during urination happens more often than anyone likes to think about. What could be causing this particular type of pain?

Penis Health & Good Sleep: A Perfect Combination

Getting plenty of rest and sleep is crucial for overall health, and that includes penis health. A full night’s sleep gives the penis time to rejuvenate – and to exercise on the sly.

Can Botox “Help” an Erect Penis?

Could Botox injections provide any benefits for an erect penis? Some doctors think so and are conducting clinical trials to see if their theories are right.

Penis Size Concerns: How to Avoid Penile Atrophy

Every man is concerned about shrinkage, but fortunately it usually only happens when the penis greets the cold. However, penile atrophy can be a problem that might make men worry about their penis size.

In Pursuit of a Handsome Penis: Penis Packing

In the pursuit of a more handsome penis, some men will enhance the goods a bit more than nature intended. It’s known as penis packing, and for many men, it’s a serious ego boost.

When a Red Penis Becomes a “Thing”

When erect, a red penis is a totally normal thing for a man to experience. But there are some instances in which a red penis is a sign of possible trouble.

Dry Penis Skin Can Wreck a Day at the Beach

Ah, summer! That glorious sunshine inspires lots of guys to head for the beach. Whether he lives near the ocean and goes regularly or travels a distance for a vacation stay on the sands, beach time is a lot of fun.

ED Treatment: the Future Belongs to Revolutionary Methods

The latest developments in the field of ED treatment show that in the very near future there will be worthy alternatives to all existing methods of treatment. Indeed, the future ED drugs can become a real godsend to men suffering from impotence.

Improve the Health of Male Reproductive Organs With Ayurvedic Treatment for Male Infertility

Ayurvedic treatment plays a vital role in improving fertility in men and improving the health of his reproductive organs. Herbal-based formulations are effectual, safe and thus many people now prefer it over chemical-based medicines.

Healthy Penis Care: Proper Condom Use

Every guy wants to make sure he maintains a healthy penis his whole life long. Proper condom use is one way to help keep that penis healthy and strong.

How to Cure Erectile Dysfunction Naturally and Permanently

It is not big news that being overweight or obese is not good for your overall health especially if you are eating more junk food. There is also a strong link between diet and erectile dysfunction and simple lifestyle changes can make a dramatic different to your love life.

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