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Penis Skin Color – Is a Red Penis a Sign of Trouble?

Penises come in a range of colors, and a proud red penis is many a man’s joy. But can a red or other skin tone indicate a potential problem?

Penis Bumps – 5 Excuses That Guys Use to Avoid the Doctor

A doctor could provide vital help for men with penis bump problems. But these common excuses keep men away from this type of assistance.

Saw Palmetto or Beta-Sitosterol Prostate Formula

2,000,000 men use saw palmetto for their prostate problems. A closer look at the data suggests that beta-sitosterol is the most important ingredient for the symptoms of an enlarged prostate. With so many choices, what is important? This article makes it simple and understandable. Do not be misled by false treatment claims, hype, or high prices.

Orgasm Denial and Penis Pain – Holding Back Can Cause Problems

Most men avoid penis pain, but those who practice orgasm denial find pleasure in a degree of genital discomfort. Determining the right degree of discomfort and not taking things too far is crucial to continued penis health.

DNA Paternity Tests – What Are They And What Are They Used For?

What is DNA paternity testing? What is it used for? Who uses it? And what can you expect if you want to have one done?

Caring for the Penis With Shea Butter – Tips for a Healthy, Responsive Manhood

Shea butter is a miracle ingredient that soothes all manner of skin conditions, including those that affect the penis. Learn more about Shea butter and how it can benefit the delicate penile skin.

FAQ’s Answered On How To Get Fast And Permanent Results With Male Enhancement (And No SIDE-EFFECTS!)

Would you like to grow a bigger penis size? How about getting massive results naturally, safely, and permanently as well? Read on to find out what to do…

Cutting Back on Loss of Penis Sensation – Is Surgery Really an Option?

Men with little to no penis sensation can feel as though they’re trapped in a nightmare. Soft and sweet touches bring them no pleasure, and getting off often means spiking the nerves with pain. The situation can be so dire that some men consider subjecting their tissues to a surgeon’s knife, in the desperate hope that they can regain at least some of what’s been lost.

How To Gain Weight For Thin And Skinny Men Fast?

Skinny men always find it difficult to build muscles and gain weight; this is not because of lack of effort or inspiration. It is the type of their body which makes it hard to put on weight. So, how to gain weight for thin and skinny men? If you are thin and want to know the way of gaining weight follow below mentioned tips, these will help you in having the body you desire.

Sexually Too Tired – The Importance of Getting Enough Rest

Every man is concerned about penis health, but not all know of the important role that sleep plays in maintaining a functioning penis. Without sleep, a sluggish penis and sluggish sex life result.

Understanding the Penis – What Is Ejaculate Made Of, and Why Does It Matter?

When people think of the gooey stuff that comes at the end of a roll in the sheets, they often think of the wrigglers that can get a girl pregnant. While it’s true that at least some portion of ejaculate is made of sperm, this specialized liquid also contains a variety of other elements that a man may not even know about, and examining the quality and condition of that stuff on a regular basis could give a man important clues about the state of his penis health. Other Exciting Ingredients Experts suggest that only a small…

Male Premature Ejaculation – Do Kegels Work for Delaying Ejaculation?

Have you heard about kegels? They are a type of exercise designed for delaying ejaculation. But are they really worthwhile and can they solve the most frustrating problem in regards to sex – male premature ejaculation? Learn everything you need to know about the effectiveness of kegel training right here.

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