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Causes of Penis Rash: What About Spermicide?

An otherwise admirable and appealing manhood can be seriously marred by an unwanted penis rash. One potential cause of such a rash is a condom lubricated with spermicide.

Penis Health and STIs: Understanding Syphilis

Good penis health depends on, among other things, avoiding STIs, as well as treating them promptly in the event they do occur. In this article, we look at the common signs of syphilis and how this potentially dangerous disease is treated.

Loss of Penile Sensitivity: Why It Happens and How to Get It Back

Loss of penile sensitivity can make a man lose confidence, feel frustrated, and can even lead to depression. This article covers several potential reasons for loss of penile sensitivity and potential treatment options to get it back.

When Penis Odor Rears Its Ugly Head: 7 Causes and How to Freshen Up

Penis odor is embarrassing and off-putting. However, it can be a symptom of a dangerous infection. Read on to learn more about what causes penis odor and how to freshen things up.

Healing a Chafed Penis: 5 Tips for a Faster Recovery

A chafed penis, or a “friction burn” on the member, can be quite unpleasant. Red, irritated, and hot, a chafed penis can sideline a man for up to week as nature’s natural healing process takes its course. Here are a few ways to deal with penis chafing to promote a quick recovery.

Better Sex Through Sensual Game Playing

Sometimes a couple has good sex but would like to have even better sex. It can be beneficial for them to consider incorporating some games into their sex play.

Unsatisfactory Penis Function: What Causes Delayed Ejaculation?

There are many issues which can impede penis function. While premature ejaculation is a concern for many, some men suffer from the opposite problem: delayed ejaculation.

Masturbation at Work: A Coffee Break Alternative

One of the joys of masturbation is that technically it can be enjoyed anywhere – with proper care and discretion, of course. Many men masturbate at work, which can help them feel less stressed.

Sore Penis? An “Alternative” Lubricant May Be to Blame

Sex, whether with oneself or another person, can be so good that a man may end up with a sore penis from overenthusiastic exercise. Regular use of an appropriate lubricant can help prevent that.

Summer Penis Rash: Swimmer’s Itch?

A penis rash in the middle of the summer ids inconvenient – and can be embarrassing if a guy is caught scratching his equipment. Swimmer’s itch is one possible cause of a summer rash.

Penis Health and the Yoga Connection: Bringing Sensuality Into Your Practice

Yoga has been used for centuries as a means to support physical, mental and spiritual wellness. But could there be a connection between a man’s yoga practice and his penis health and function? For some situations, the research says yes.

Does Low Testosterone Impact Sexual Performance? Yes, and Here’s How

Low testosterone can have a negative impact on sexual performance and other health issues. This article reviews the most common problems related to decreased male hormone levels.

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