Alyaa Gad – Q & A Losing Erection with Condoms

Preserving Penis Sensitivity After Adult Circumcision

When a man undergoes adult circumcision, one of his chief worries is likely his penis sensitivity. Here’s how a man might be able to preserve it after the medical procedure.

Penis Sensitivity Loss: What to Do When It Happens

Loss of penis sensitivity is one of those things a man will do just about anything to avoid. When penis sensitivity decreases, so does pleasure and enjoyment of sexual activities.

How To Get Stronger Erections – Follow These 2 Rules

We have heard the expression you are “What You Eat.” There is some truth to this and the foods men eat can lead to or prevent erection issues. On the flip side, there are certain foods that men should eliminate from their diet.

Diabetes and Erectile Dysfunction

According to figures provided by the World Health Organization, there are currently about 420 million people suffering from diabetes mellitus, in any of its types. This disease affects one in eleven people, resulting in consequences such as strokes, blindness, heart attacks and chronic renal failure. In the case of men suffering from this pathology, there is another disease that can not only affect the patient physically but also psychology and is erectile dysfunction.

Is Shaving an Itchy Penis Solution?

When it gets really bad, a man will consider almost any options for addressing a really itchy penis. Shaving the pubic hair is one popular method, but its effectiveness may vary.

Foods To Help Get Erect – These Work Like Magic

Too often doctors can treat ED with drugs and ignore the underlying problem. We recommend that you try out these more natural options.

First Aid Tips for Dealing With a Penis Injury

Fortunately, most penis injuries are confined to irritation, redness and soreness. But for those times when a penis injury is more severe, these first aid tips are here for the rescue.

Getting a Tattoo? How to Ease Penis Pain

Men who want to get a penis tattoo are probably already braced for some serious penis pain. But there might be ways to alleviate it somewhat.

Drinks for Erectile Dysfunction – Boost Your Erection

There is still a lot talk on this topic, but it seems that watermelon can work as a natural solution for ED. This is mostly for men with minor to moderate cases of ED. This condition is also known as erectile dysfunction or impotence.

Maintaining Penis Health: The Dreaded Medical Exam

Many men will do almost anything for their penis health, but they aren’t happy about the idea of visiting a doctor. A regular medical exam is vitally important for a man’s overall health, including penis health.

Penis Masturbation Tips: Beyond the Grip

For most men, masturbation is all about getting a good grip on the penis and letting things proceed from there. Some guys may want to explore how to add to their masturbatory experience.

Penis Skin Care and Cortisone: Use Wisely

Men need to take good care of their penis skin so partners are impressed by the beauty of their member. With that in mind, using cortisone on the penis should be done carefully.

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