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How Can A Man Produce and Sustain High Levels of Testosterone?

As the male ages and the testes decrease their output of testosterone they become smaller and sex drive gets decreased. However, continued stimulation of the testes will stop and reverse this process; thereby, increasing sex drive and sensitivity. Studies show that the more sexual stimulation is achieved, the more sex drive gets increased and that later sex life of the individual gets enhanced. In other words, the more the male has sexual activity in his earlier years, the more he will have sexual activity in his senior years.

Make Your Penis Grow Bigger – Top 3 Common Questions Answered On Enlargement WITHOUT Side-Effects!

Scared to start penis enlargement due to the fear of getting side-effects? Read on to find out what you should do to avoid any setbacks… and to get the best results possible…

Shaving Bumps a Big Problem for Many Men

Shaving bumps are a big problem for many men. The technical name is Pseudofolliculitis barbae. The prefix “pseudo” refers to the fact that the symptoms are similar to those of folliculitis barbae but the cause is not the same.

Summertime Penis Rash – 6 Common Causes of Penile Irritation

The skin on any part of the body – even the penis – can erupt in an irritating, uncomfortable rash, especially in the summer months. Identifying the cause is the first step to clearing up am embarrassing penis rash.

Take VigRX Plus Pills If You Are Less Than 9 Inches

You don’t have to struggle with having a small penis size if you take VigRX Plus pills. There is a very strong potential that you will increase your penis size when you use these pills on a consistent basis for a few weeks. It could be the most beneficial product that you could use for your sexual health needs to keep your unit active.

Living With Penile Eczema – Tips for Coping With Itchy, Dry, Irritable Skin

Eczema, or atopic dermatitis, is an inflammatory condition of the skin. People with eczema may experience dry, red and inflamed rashes, blistering skin, and intense itching; this condition can affect any part of the body, and it can cause significant embarrassment in addition to the discomfort. For men who are affected by penile eczema, the impact of the disease can be especially devastating.

Nutrition and Sexual Function – Amazing Penis Benefits of Alpha Lipoic Acid

Alpha lipoic acid is used by the body to turn glucose into energy; it also has many penis health benefits. When used daily, it can help improve the appearance and sexual function.

Penis Sensitivity – 4 Fast Facts

The ability of the penis to detect even the slightest touch is, in part, what makes this an object of fascination for teenage guys all around the world. Once they realize what the penis can feel, they may refuse to leave their rooms for days, just so they can test the boundaries and have a little fun in the process. Once adulthood sets in, however, men may not have the time to learn more about penis sensitivity.

Sexual Aging – Sexuality Issues in the Golden Years

Many men worry about sex as they age and how long the fun will last. Luckily, there is no age limit, but keeping the penis healthy is key to a long, healthy sex life.

The Lowdown on STD Screening: How It Works, and How to Prepare

Fears about STD screening logistics can keep men out of the exam room altogether. Many of those fears can be alleviated by knowing what to expect beforehand.

Penis Pearling: Permanent Penis Pleasure or Painful Penile Mishap?

Penis pearling is a type of body modification aimed at increasing sexual pleasure through the insertion of beads under the skin. It is a relatively safe procedure, though penis care is needed to prevent infection.

All About Pearly Penile Papules

Though relatively common and harmless, penile papules can cause a great deal of discomfort for men. The following article focuses on the causes and possible treatments.

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