Bluechew Review and Results: 3 Weeks of Using It and Here’s How it Worked

Folliculitis Can Cause Itchy Penis Problems

When a man has folliculitis in the midsection, it can lead to a very itchy penis. These red, raised bumps are also unattractive and likely to scare away potential partners.

Male Masturbation Can Affect Intimate Relationships

Masturbation is a totally healthy activity men should participate in, but how does it affect intimate relationships? Is it helpful or harmful? Let’s find out.

Some Things That Can Cause Painful Urination in Men and How to Fix Them

Feel like a fire-peeing dragon? Let’s talk about painful urination in men and how to fix it!

To Do Today: Put Vitamin E Oil on the Penis for These 6 Major Benefits

Ready to get natural when it comes to penis health? There’s tons of reasons why a man should be putting vitamin e oil on his penis.

Itchy Penis With No Rash? Check Medications

When an itchy penis strikes a man, especially if a noticeable penis rash is absent, it’s possible that medications may be responsible. But is eliminating the itch worth switching medications?

Does Penis Size Really Matter? It Does in Some States!

Does penis size really matter? And honestly, who’s telling the truth about it? Let’s look at self-reported penis size averages in each state.

Clothing and Diet Tips to Fight Penis Odor

No matter how handsome the member, penis odor can turn off a potential partner. Sometimes clothing and diet choices can help reduce this common men’s problem.

Genetic Condition Could Cause Dry Penis Skin

When a man has dry penis skin, his entire organ can have an unappealing, off-putting look. Sometimes the cause can be a genetic condition such as ichthyosis vulgaris.

Avoid DIY Jock Itch Remedies

When jock itch strikes, the need to scratch can make it hard for a guy to keep his hands out of his pants. He may be tempted by home remedies but should think again.

What Every Man Needs to Know About Sexual Health

Here’s one fact no one can really disagree on: sex is an important part of life. Thanks to external genitalia, men may start thinking about sex before puberty ever hits, and it’s a primal thought until their dying breath. Sexual health (SH), then, is an important part of living a healthy life.

Penis Problems and Some Solutions

There can be any number of penis problems in a man’s life. Some require complicated solutions, but others are relatively easy to treat. When in doubt, see a doctor.

Penis Rash From Bowenoid Papulosis

There are any number of things that can cause a penis rash, ranging from benign to serious. One of the more obscure causes is something called Bowenoid papulosis.

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