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A Masturbation Vacation Can Be Beneficial

Regular and enthusiastic masturbation can be a part of a man’s thriving sex life. Sometimes, though, a little vacation may be called for in order to keep the penis play pleasurable.

Bent Penis? Don’t Rule Out Vasculitis

When a man has an extremely bent penis, it can result in a number of problems. Vasculitis is one possible cause. Learn more about this condition and how it can be treated.

What To Look for in Male Fertility Supplements to Ensure Safety

With the hundreds of supplements available in the market today, it is very critical to have a good eye for quality and value for money. It is always best to go for products that have been tried and tested.

The Red Penis and Mondor’s Disease

When a man looks down and is greeted with the sight of a swollen, red penis, he naturally gets a little concerned. If he touches that red penis and feels pain, that concern is likely to turn to alarm. There are many issues that can cause this kind of penis pain, some of which are benign, and some of which are not.

Sick of Finishing Too Fast? How to (Finally) WIN the Battle Against Premature Ejaculation

Do you struggle with sexual staying power? Are you sick and tired of feeling self- conscious about your stamina? Do you worry about what your partner is thinking after yet another sexual encounter than ended FAR too fast?

Penis Bumps: The 411 on Pearly Penile Papules

When a man is inspecting his manhood and finds penis bumps, he may worry that they indicate a major problem. If they are nothing more than pearly penile papules, his anxiety is fortunately unfounded.

Jelqing VS Kegel: 5 FAQs Every Man Ought to Ask Before Trying PE Exercise

What is the very BEST way to improve erection size? Are all male enhancement exercises created equal? How do some of the common PE recommendations differ?

That Sore Penis May Be Due to a UTI

Every guy has to deal with the occasional sore penis; in most cases, this requires nothing more than a break from any intensive activities. But when a UTI is the cause of the soreness, the care of a doctor is needed.

Why Your Erection Won’t Grow: The Real Reasons Men Fail at Natural Male Enhancement

Who else is passionate about sexual performance? How many different male enhancement strategies have you tried? Have you done the lotions, potions, pills and pumps and found your erection still won’t get bigger?

Oral Sex Tips for a Satisfied Penis

Not to put too fine a point on it, but in most cases, a satisfied penis equals a happy man – and oral sex is one surefire way to make that happen. There are numerous sex tips available for women that can help them to become more proficient at the art of fellatio. But a pleasurable oral sex experience is a two-way street; there are things a guy can do to make it more enjoyable for his partner, as well — and therefore increase the likelihood of repeat performances.

The 3 Stage Beginner’s Guide To Growing A Beard

This article will show you the best way to grow a beard using the 12 week challenge. It’s a step by step beginners guide using a simple 3 stage process where we will show you the best ways to grow a beard from scratch.

Penis Injury of the Suspensory Ligament: What Men Need to Know

The words “penis injury” are guaranteed to make even the manliest man cringe, and a torn suspensory ligament can be one of the most painful injuries a guy can experience. Here’s what men need to know.

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