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Avoid a Sore Penis When Going for the Gold – Safety Precautions During the Sex Olympics

Participants in the Sex Olympics may end up with a sore penis, but as with any athletic event, the satisfaction is well worth the pain. But after the big win, following some essential penis care tips is essential.

So You’re Thinking About a Vasectomy Reversal?

Are you thinking about having your vasectomy reversed? In this article we will be discussing exactly what a vasectomy reversal is, why you may want one, and any associated costs and side effects you may experience after having one.

4 Must-Try Natural Penis Enlargement Exercises That Actually Work

Every man out there wants a bigger penis, regardless of whether he actually has a small penis or is bigger than average. Thanks to natural penis enlargement exercises, this dream is now perfectly attainable.

Penis Enlargement Exercises – 4 Kegel Exercises That Can Improve Your Penis ASAP

When it comes to doing penis enlargement exercises, kegel exercises would be your best bet. Not only will these exercises improve the size and power of your penis, but they will also help give you better control over the pleasure that you experience in your sex life, in general. Aside from that, you don’t even need to be a professional to get what you want this way. Plus, there aren’t any risks involved in doing these penis enlargement exercises, so you can ensure that your penis stays safe at all times.

Natural Penis Enlargement Exercises – The Easiest Kegel Exercise for Beginners

Natural penis enlargement exercises are things that every man needs to look into if he wants to get a bigger penis in the long run. The best natural penis enlargement exercises out there, though, would be the kegel exercises, of which there are several kinds. We will touch on the easiest one today along with the benefits of kegel exercises, in general, and why you should choose them as part of your penis enlargement arsenal.

Free Penis Enlargement Exercises for Men – Get Gains Without Spending a Nickel

There are a number of free penis enlargement exercises out there that can give you a bigger penis. In this article, however, we will only discuss the best ones of these free penis enlargement exercises, so that you can get the most gains without spending a nickel.

Natural Penis Enlargement Exercises – The Best Way to Grow Your Penis Naturally

The best way to grow your penis naturally is fortunately also the cheapest way to do so. All you have to do is follow natural penis enlargement exercises that are done manually and exercise the most important muscles in your penis to get the job done. Generally speaking, there are two kinds of natural penis enlargement exercises out there that can effectively increase your penile girth and length, as well as help you get over premature ejaculation. These natural penis enlargement exercises are called jelqing and kegels, which we will touch upon in this article.

Unusual Penis Procedures – Most Surprising Penile Art

There are many elective penis procedures a man can undergo; some are medical, some are aesthetic and some are just painful. Learn about some of the more unusual things men do to their equipment.

Seven Sex Talk Guidelines – Questions to Ask a Partner Before Doing the Deed

Before hopping into bed with a new partner, it’s a good idea to have a sex talk to make sure everyone is on the same page. Learn what 7 questions should be on the list.

Erection Danger – The Real Health Risks of Priapism

Though a long-lasting erection sounds like a good idea, if it lasts too long it can cause permanent damage to the penis. Learn more about this rare condition.

Better Penis Performance With 5 Easy Workout Tips

It might come as a surprise, but the right exercises can help some men boost their penis performance. Here are some easy workout tips and suggestions for penis care.

Home Remedies For ED – Escape The Side Effects of Erection Drugs

It is tricky for couples to sometimes start a conversation about sensitive issues because they are embarrassed or just don’t know what to say. It is still advisable to talk to your partner as soon as possible about ED issues. This may help to relieve your anxiety sooner rather than later.

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