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Guys, Understand The Distinction Between Infertility, Sterility, And Impotence

The phrases “sterility, infertility, and erectile disorder”, tend to get mixed up and incorrectly used. The truth is, these signify three diverse conditions. It is actually essential for every single adult male who’s interested in his sexual and general health to understand and be aware of the fundamental distinction between these three conditions.

How To Ensure You Never Lose Your Man Boobs

There is a trend nowadays for men to have man boobs. If you’re looking to remove them, it is good to find out the approaches that will ensure that you never lose. Read on to find out what they are.

Diminished Penis Sensitivity Associated With Circumcision

Males who have been circumcised need to be aware of certain complications. The following discussion is intended to inform men about the possible consequences of circumcising the foreskin and potential diminished penis sensitivity.

What To Do When Your Penis Loses Some Sensation

Decreased penile sensitivity is an issue that the majority of men will encounter. Fortunately, with the right knowledge, loss of penis sensation doesn’t have to mean the end of a healthy sex life.

3 Penis Enlargement Mistakes That Will Kill Your Chances Of Getting A Huge Penis!

Want to ensure you get a huge penis (plus other benefits)? Avoid these 3 brutal mistakes…

How My Small Penis Size Negatively Affected My Entire Life And What I Finally Did About It

I used to have a small penis that measured in at only 5.5 inches long and less than 5 inches around. Even the average size of 6.5 inches long and 5 inches around dwarfed my little guy. It affected my sex life a lot, since most of the women I slept with were used to being with larger and more satisfying men. While that was bad enough, what was worse was the fact that my small penis affected nearly other aspect of my life as well, from my physical fitness to my athletic performance to my job and income. This article explains how having a small penis size negatively affected nearly every aspect of my life and what I finally did about it.

Leading Causes of Infertility in Men

When it comes to conceiving a child, both men and women face questions about why they are unable to have a baby. This article describes some of the common causes of infertility that men face, while trying to have a child.

What Does a PSA Test Do and Why Is It Controversial

PSA test’s are very common for men over 50 as men often have prostate problems around this age. This article explains what a PSA test does and explains some of the issues surrounding it.

Man Boobs – Why Diet Alone Won’t Remove Man Boobs

Increasingly many men have man boobs. It is tempting to think that all you need to do is go on a diet, but this approach alone won’t remove them. Read on to find out why.

7 Simple Steps You Can Do Right Now to Boost Testosterone Levels

Testosterone deficiency can also lead to a number of symptoms, including loss of energy and lean muscle mass, anxiety, depression, and reduced libido sex drive. The good news is that many symptoms of testosterone deficiency can be reversed by restoring youthful testosterone levels in a variety of ways.

Penis Sensitivity Problems Can Make Sex Less Enjoyable

If a man is in his late 20’s or older, the chances are that his penis may have already lost some of its sensitivity. A study has shown that by the age of 39, as many as 87% of men experience some loss of nerve sensitivity in their penis. While this issue occurs naturally as men get older, factors such as lifestyle may hasten the effects.

Penis Health Cremes – What Men Should Know

Given the importance of the penis, it may come as a surprise that few men give much attention to caring for it beyond showering every day or so and using protection during sex. But the penis is a delicate organ, and unless it is treated properly, men of all ages may develop uncomfortable skin problems, foul odors, and even reduced sensation. In the long term, these issues may result in permanent damage.

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