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Is 5.5 Inches Too Small? Yes, I Used To Be That Size! I Used Natural Methods To Get To 8 Inches!

Whatever your size is, it doesn’t make you unusual if you have apprehensions about whether or not you are big enough to satisfy a woman. When I was endowed at 5.5 inches long and 5 inches around, I certainly had those apprehensions, so I set out to either confirm or refute my suspicion that 5.5 inches just wasn’t enough to satisfy most women.

Best Position to Last Longer In Bed for Men? Here’s The Answer

If you are looking for the best position to last longer in bed, here are two positions you can try out. Does sex position really help?

Premature Ejaculation – The Natural Solutions

Compared to men from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s men in modern times have a lot of stress to deal with it. In these modern years life moves very fast with very little time to reflect and look back at anything. This stress and strain affects men so much it actually creates problems in the bedroom. A mans life is on fast forward so they find it very hard to find some sort of solution to help them with their problem and bring back the passion that they once had a few years back.

Why Don’t We Teach Penis Exercising As Part of the High School Curriculum?

In high school, we get the opportunity to learn all sorts of things that are completely useless and meaningless relative to the real world. Of course, we also get the opportunity to learn lots of things that are quite useful and very important. However, are there not things we could be learning that might be of more value than some of what’s on the general and current curricula?

Do Natural Male Enhancement Pills Work?

People are never satisfied with what they have. Males look for different venues to help their sexual performance. Tiny manhood, erectile dysfunction or horrible stamina can hurt males in a lot of ways. To stop feeling embarrassed, alone or even hurt men are going to get their hands on any type of pills and exercises. The thing is a lot of these techniques don’t work and some are very dangerous. Read some more, and learn how to get the best male enhancement pills and penis exercises.

What Else Do You Need To Know About Premature Ejaculation, Take Action And Finally Have Good Sex

Many men who have had premature ejaculation think that getting out of this condition is something close to impossible. Prevailing over premature ejaculation is not impossible. There are many methods that one can use to help get through the problem.

Single Men, Are You Masturbating Women Out Of Your Life?

One thing that most single men have on their minds is sex. Not only sex, but something that goes hand in hand with sex, is a single man’s desire to find a nice woman to be his girlfriend, honey, and hopefully wife. It’s a completely normal and natural process for a single man to desire such things; after all, it’s what we are all biologically programmed to desire and do.

Ever Wondered Why She Immediately Says Its Not Your Fault When You Ejaculate Too Quickly?

Premature ejaculation is the condition that close to fifty percent of the men experience. However, as much as the condition is rampant among men, it is a rarely talked about condition. It is however good news to note that this is a situation that can be done with permanently.

Do You Think Swamis Or Meditating Monks Have A Problem With Premature Ejaculation Like You Do?

Getting out of the condition of premature ejaculation without doing anything is practically a nightmare. It is even more confusing when someone tells you that having to do something so as to solve the problem of premature ejaculation makes the condition even harder. Besides bogging down your sexual performance, stress also has very destructive outcome on your health generally.

Do You Wonder Why Your Penis and Testicles Sweat? – Penis and Testicular Mysteries Explained

One fact about men is that their testicles sweat. The amount they sweat will depend on your current environment at the time (hot, cold), how active you are (running around the block or watching television), your diet, and your genetic disposition. Surprisingly, even if you don’t feel condensation (droplets) of sweat on your body or testicles, this doesn’t mean that you aren’t sweating.

Premature Ejaculation Pain: When Are You Going To Click With Her So She Looks At You With Total Awe?

There are a large number of men who suffer from premature ejaculation the world over. According to different researchers, there are various measures taken to deal with this condition. To measure if satisfaction is experienced in a sexual encounter, the difference in time between the time there is penetration to the time of ejaculation is really the key indicator.

Whoever Thought That Muscle Workouts Had Anything To Do With Premature Ejaculation?

Every man who suffers premature ejaculation prefers a method of solving this condition with no use of medication. After reading this article you will discover that the solution to premature ejaculation does not have to involve medication. There are many other natural and simple easy techniques to handle the problem.

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