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Better Penis Health Formula: Red Wine and Juice

In the ever present quest for better penis health, many men will seek out new options to try. A rather tasty option is to drink red wine and consume citrus fruits or juices.

Keeping Penis Skin Healthy After Tattoos

Some men absolutely love tattoos, to a point where they actually get tattoos on their penis skin. If a man chooses to do this, it pays to know how to take care of the new ink.

Easing Penis Pain From the Dreaded Zipper Incident

Getting penis skin caught in a zipper can be a horrible injury. Here’s what a man needs to know to free his manhood and ease the penis pain.

7 Tips To Avoid Erectile Dysfunction

The problem of erectile dysfunction is a growing symptom in many men today. Instead of calling it a medical symptom, many sexologists prefer calling ED an issue of the time being. Instead of having medicines the problem can be resolved by maintaining a healthy lifestyle as well as sexual life. If

Penis Size Comparisons That Distort Reality

Comparisons of penis size are part of a man’s life. But it’s important to realize the factors that can lead to a distorted view of acceptable penis size.

Penis Care Tips: Staying “In the Moment” During Sex

Men looking for sex tips that can help them take their sexual engagements to the next level often look for physical activities to adopt. But not all sex tips are about vibrators or positions or sprays. Indeed, beyond keeping up with proper penis care so that the natural equipment functions at its best, many sex tips look more at the mental or emotional side of sex.

Worrisome Penis Bumps Might Be Lichen Planus

When a man drops his trousers, the last thing he wants to display is a member full of penis bumps. Sometimes lichen planus can be the cause of this embarrassing situation.

Masturbation As Motivation: A Real Incentive for Penis Care

Many things can be used as motivation for a man in order to do something he has been putting off or doesn’t want to do. Why not include masturbation as one of those incentives?

Friction Burn, Sore Penis, and Less Sex

Mind-blowing sex is always one of a man’s top goals – and who cares if it may be accompanied by a sore penis a little later on? Every guy weighs the pros and cons of rough, aggressive sex and determines how much sore penis pain is worth the excitement of the sex. Yet even when a guy thinks it’s always worth the resulting friction burn, he still needs to take his penis health into consideration.

Penis Problems: Erectile Dysfunction and Psychology

For some men, the causes or erectile dysfunction are obvious. But for others, there might seem to be nothing physically wrong. Can erectile dysfunction be a psychological issue?

Masturbation and Penis Health: Fun Facts

Masturbation is a powerful part of penis health, and as such, it’s important to learn all there is to know about the act. Here are a few fun facts to ponder.

Penis Skin and Lubricants: Some Helpful Tips

Healthy penis skin is essential for a penis that is attractive to potential partners, who may be turned off by dry, rashy skin. Use of an appropriate lubricant can help maintain the skin.

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