Do YOU have Erectile Dysfunction ? | Why it Happens and How to Fix it

What Is an Ingrown Hair and How Can You Prevent It?

If you have had a long beard in the past, you know it can cause some problems from time to time. For instance, the bump that appears on your skin causes frustration. You think it’s just a minor allergic reaction but it shows up as a serious problem in the form of an ingrown hair.

Can a Big Penis Size Encourage Premature Ejaculation?

The pursuit of a large penis size is something that many men are engaged in. But sometimes having a big penis can have disadvantages, and for some it might increase the likelihood of premature ejaculation.

Post-Sex Penis Odor: Some Tips

Guys who are conscientious about penis health often worry about the “big picture” issues (eg, erectile function, sexually transmitted infections, etc.) while perhaps not always being aware of the importance of some of the “smaller” issues – such as penis odor. This is understandable, of course, but just because penis odor doesn’t have the same dire consequences as a sexually transmitted infection doesn’t mean it should be ignored.

Does Penis Size Really Matter? The Answer and How a Man Can Make the Most of What He’s Got

It’s the age-old question: Does penis size really matter? Let’s take a look at the answer and how a man can confidently rock what he’s got.

Masturbation and Penis Health: How Much Is Too Much?

Of course masturbation feels delightful, but what does it mean for penis health? Penis irritation is one of the side effects of too much masturbation.

What Causes a Red Penis and What Can Be Done About It?

Sometimes a red penis can be caused by something as simple as penis chafing, but other times it can be more serious. Here’s what every man needs to know.

Incontinence – One of the More Embarrassing Penis Problems

A man can unfortunately face many different penis problems, of which involuntary urinary incontinence can be one of the more embarrassing. Learn about the kinds of incontinence here.

Numb Penis? Tips for Maintaining Penis Sensitivity

A man wants his penis to experience all possible glorious sensations, something that won’t happen with a numb penis. Maintaining penis sensitivity is a worthy goal for all men.

Oooh! Tender, Sore Penis: A Few Possible Reasons for It

When a guy has a sore penis, it can keep him (and his partners) from enjoying it to its fullest. Here are some reasons why a guy might have a sore penis.

3 Ways a Man Can Make His Penis Bigger

All men, at some point in their lives, focus on penis size. For the man who’d like his manhood to be a little bigger, here are four tips to help him do it.

Docking 101: Possible Penis Health Concerns

When engaging in new sexual experiences, keeping an eye on penis health is important. This also applies to the practice of docking, in which one man’s foreskin encompasses a partner’s glans.

Penile Melanosis: A Not-So-Serious Penis Discoloration Every Man Should Know About

A discolored penis is something that is usually not a cause for alarm but can cause an ample amount of stress. Let’s talk about penile melanosis, a penis discoloration that every man should know so he can start to tell a serious discoloration from a harmless one.

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