Dr. David Samadi – Erectile Dysfunction (ED) Pills – Identify Fake vs. Real Medication


What’s With Penis Pain When Urinating?

There are all kinds of penis pain, and that which can occur while urinating can range in its severity. Knowing possible causes can help a man know what to expect.

Oral Sex on the Self: A How-To Guide

Is there any man who doesn’t have a fondness for oral sex? Many have even contemplated performing the act on themselves. This guide can be a starting point for exploring that mission.

Male Ejaculation: Everything You Need to Know About Perceived Ejaculation Volume Reduction

Does it seem like there’s a lot less confetti after the big event than there used to be? It could be Perceived Ejaculation Volume Reduction. Read on to learn more.

Dry Skin on the Penis? Here Are Six Potential Causes

Penile skin feeling drier than the Sahara and don’t know why? Keep reading to find out six common causes of dry skin on the penis.

Loss of Penis Sensitivity May Cause Delayed Ejaculation

Delayed ejaculation can be a source of serious concern for a man and to his partners. Maintaining penis sensitivity can help avoid this uncomfortable sexual problem.

Dry Penis Skin May Point to More Serious Conditions

When a man has dry penis skin, the appearance of his favorite organ is not up to snuff. It’s usually easily treated but in some cases may indicate a more serious medical condition.

Inflatable Sex Toys: A Few Things to Know

Using sex toys is a wonderful way to expand one’s horizons sexually. Nowadays, there are even a number of inflatable options available for one’s enjoyment and entertainment.

Some Masturbation Tips for Men

Sometimes, self-love can be a snooze. What’s a man to do? Change it up! Read on for eight masturbation tips for putting more sizzle into self-pleasure.

Penis Power Foods: Five Foods for Fertility

Having trouble with fertility? Start adding these penis power foods into your daily diet for super sperm and lots of libido.

Penis Protection: Condoms Are Still Needed

There are many things that a man must do to practice proper penis protection and keep his equipment in the best possible working order. Wearing condoms when having sex is still one of them.

Maintaining a Healthy Penis at College

Now that college is back in session, tons of men are experiencing a new way of life. But a new way of life still needs to include plans for maintaining a healthy penis.

Can Frequent Male Ejaculation Really Prevent Prostate Cancer? A Look at the Facts

There is some scientific evidence that frequent male ejaculation can prevent prostate cancer, but is it as certain as it seems? Let’s take a look at the facts surrounding that infamous study.

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