Drug regulators warn against misuse of sexual enhancement drugs

Penis Care 101: Facts About Condoms

When it comes to penis care, the condom is one of the most important tools in a man’s sensual arsenal. Here’s what he needs to know about using one.

Red Penis Dots Culprit: Meet Purpura

Often a red penis is a sign of good health, as when a large amount of blood flows in to form an erection. But sometimes it can be a sign of purpura.

Razor Burn Can Cause an Itchy Penis

As a quick glance around the locker room may confirm, more and more men are manscaping nowadays. Whether it’s a total torso right-to-the-skin shave or just a neat-and-tidy trim of the pubic hair, it’s common now for men to take their razors and move below the neck nowadays. As long as a guy is appropriately careful when shaving the penis and balls, there’s no overt penis health issue, of course.

Lift and – Oops! Spontaneous Ejaculation While Exercising

Experiencing spontaneous ejaculation can be embarrassing at any time, but perhaps even more so when a man is exercising at the gym. Finding the triggers for this can help reduce its incidence.

Penis Sensitivity: Strategies for Maintenance

Imagine what sex (of any kind) would be like if one lacked appropriate penis sensitivity. Superior sensation in the penis is crucial, so employ strategies to protect and maintain it.

Penis Skin: Tips to Keep It Appealing

All men should follow basic tips for enhancing penis skin care. The state of one’s penis skin makes a huge impression on partners and potential partners.

Avoid a Sore Penis While Penis Hanging

To those men who are searching for a longer penis than the one they currently possess, penis hanging might be an option they try. But it can be a cause of a sore penis.

Can Veganism Improve a Man’s Sex Life?

There’s a lot of talk that going vegan can improve a man’s sex life. Is this all hype, or should a man have hope?

Sex Positions for Premature Ejaculators

It can be difficult and embarrassing being a premature ejaculator, so it’s no wonder that many search for help with their problem. Sometimes trying new sex positions makes a difference.

The Penis Holder’s Guide to the Refractory Period: What Every Man Needs to Know

Every man has been there once or a billion times before. He’s played one round of ball and is ready for the next. Well, at least mentally he is; his penis has other ideas.

How Does Masturbation Affect Libido?

Is masturbation one of those things that once a man does it, he just wants to do it some more, or is libido unaffected by how often he strokes his sausage? Read on to find out.

Things to Do to Assess Penis Function

Good and proper penis function is crucial if a man is going to perform well sexually. Men can perform their own assessment regularly and consult a doctor for a professional one.

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