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Penis Pain From Priapism and Antipsychotics

Priapism is one of the least understood penis health issues, at least among lay men – and among those who have never experienced this potentially serious issue. Because priapism deals with a penis which remains erect for hours on end, most men have a tendency to downplay it and assume that any guy would be lucky to be able to remain erect that long. In fact, there can be significant penis pain associated with it and it can have some serious consequences.

Naked Skiing? Better Use Some Penis Protection

It’s winter and there’s powder all over the mountains, so naturally a lot of people are out there skiing the slopes like there’s no tomorrow. Most of them are bundled up nice and warm, but a few hardy souls – not so much. As a matter of fact, some extreme sports enthusiasts look forward to winter so they can indulge in their favorite chill-time experience, naked skiing.

Milking Machines Can Be Fun But Beware a Sore Penis

Penis milking machines can be a delightful change-of-pace for a guy, adding an extra dimension and some variety to his masturbation routine. But sometimes a sore penis may result.

Fighting Depression From a Bent Penis

Men like to sport a penis that is appealing physically, something which may be impacted if they have a significantly bent penis. In some cases, this situation may bring about unwanted depression.

Dry, Itchy Penis: What’s Causing It and How to Deal

Unlike a stiff 8 inches, a dry, itchy penis is not something every man dreams of having. Read on to learn what’s causing it and how to fix it.

Rash on Penis: Could It Be Herpes?

A rash on penis? Could it be herpes? Many men worry that a rash on the penis means a herpes infection. Here’s what men need to know about this condition.

Impotence and Penis Care: What Men Must Know

Impotence is one of the things men fear most when it comes to penis health. It’s important to understand what impotence is and how it might be alleviated.

Sex Tips: Accepting Your Foot Fetish

There are sex tips for many aspects of a person’s sex life, including a foot fetish. For many, learning to be accepting of this aspect of their life is key.

Brrrr! Winter Can Bring About Penis Rash

When the warm months give way to winter weather, it’s not unusual for a man to develop a penis rash. He then needs to take steps to keep his member well moisturized.

A Sore Penis From Penis Blisters

Oh, a sore penis is not a man’s best friend by any means. And it’s even worse when there are unattractive and off-putting penis blisters responsible for the soreness.

Is That An Ingrown Hair on Your Penis? How to Identify and Fix These Annoying Agitators

What is that red spot on your Johnson? It’s likely an ingrown hair on your penis. Read on to learn more about these common, but pesky little spots and how to destroy them.

Get a Stronger Erection With These 10 Tips

Penis acting a little wonky lately? More than 50 percent of men have to deal with a weak erection at some point in their lives. Here are 10 tips to start using today for a stronger erection.

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