Erectile Dysfunction Exercises

Psoriasis Can Impact the Erect Penis

A man likes to have a firmly erect penis at the ready to demonstrate his get up and go. But having psoriasis is a risk factor for erectile function issues for many.

The P-Spot: Everything Every Man Should Know About the Male Perineum

What is this mysterious spot all the men want to find? It’s the P Spot and men around the world are finding maximum pleasure when “P” marks the spot!

Penis Bumps: A Guide for Women

There’s a whole range of things that can cause penis bumps to appear. Women may feel more comforted if they know more about what causes certain bumps to appear.

Sex Toys for Mature Men

Mature men often find themselves in a situation in which their sex lives are somewhat less satisfying than they would like. Incorporating sex toys may be one way to help.

Penis Facts You Didn’t Learn on the Street

Guys learn a lot about sex on the street, but it’s quite likely that many of the penis facts they learn there may be wrong. Proper information is crucial to understanding penis function and health.

Itchy Penis: Will Shaving Cure Pubic Lice?

An itchy penis can be caused by many things, including the dreaded and embarrassing pubic lice. Some recommend shaving as a treatment, but does this actually help?

Manscaping 101: How to Get a (Mostly) Hairless Penis

Perhaps inspired by the Brazilian, more men are opting for a hairless penis these days (despite all the full beards on their faces). Here’s how any man can up his manscaping IQ and trim his downstairs beard.

Rash From Masturbation: Causes, Treatment and Prevention

Sometimes too much of a good thing can just be too much. Getting a rash from masturbation isn’t the end of the world, but it’s a good indicator that things need to change.

Raw Red Penis? 6 Tips for Healing

Although a man may enjoy the process by which he gets a raw, red penis – for example, by engaging in hours of blissful sex, often with the penis be handled in a rough but thoroughly delightful manner – he may afterwards wish he had exercised a little restraint. As penis health issues go, a raw, red penis is uncomfortable and inconvenient, but it is something that a little well-planned healing can take care of with (hopefully) no lasting damage. So for the man who smiles beatifically at the thought of the devilish activities that have rendered his…

Causes of a Smelly Penis: How to Eliminate the Funk

Nobody likes a smelly member. Although the male groin is a perfect area for smelly odors to present themselves and grow, there are many environmental factors that can help your odor issue. Continue reading below to find out a few tips and tricks.

Eczema on the Penis: Triggers and How to Avoid Them

Dryness and itching on penis skin can make for a very uncomfortable day. Clothes are irritating, scratching isn’t an option and there are flakes of skin in unwanted places. While there are many causes of dry skin, these symptoms may point to eczema on the penis.

Five Ways Vitamin D Helps the Penis

Who ever thought that not enough sunlight could seriously affect a man’s amorous intentions in the evening? Read up about how vitamin D and the penis work well together.

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