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Truth About Jelqing Exercises

Jelqing is practiced and advocated by many users and its “no cost” price tag only heightens its popularity. Like other popular penis enlargers within the industry Jelqing has its critics. They state that instead of focusing on jelqing consider a more beneficial practice. If you are interested in knowing the truth about jelqing and its promising alternative, read on.

Vasectomy – No Scalpel Vasectomy Introduction

No-Scalpel Vasectomy (NSV) and “standard” or “scalpel” vasectomy arrives to the same result – male sterilization. In most cases the man goes under the procedure as a preferable outcome for birth control between couples. During the no-scalpel vasectomy surgery accessing the vas tubes (vas deferens) is achieved without use of a scalpel.

The Average Male Penis Size – Am I Too Small?

The average male penis size is thought to be anywhere from 5.1in to 6.4in when erect. It’s a fairly large range, owing to the fact that the numbers differ depending on who you ask. Race has nothing to do with it. So if you’re Asian, it doesn’t mean that your average is lower compared to Caucasian men. Height also has nothing to do with it. It’s not true that taller men will have a bigger average dick size compared to shorter men.

Get Rid of Penile Papules Without Visiting a Doctor

Here is some facts on how to get rid of pearly papules without visiting a specialist or without undergoing carbon monoxide CO2 laser surgery treatments. I will be talking about the castor oil, tree oil and toothpaste methods.

Hair Removal Options Available for Men

In recent years men have started to show an increased interest grooming and self-care that has resulted in the desire to remove extra hair from their bodies. When it comes to selecting a process for removing that body hair most men reach for their razor and shave the unwanted hair away. While shaving is a quick and easy solution there are other options available that most men don’t know about.

How to Enlarge Your Penis Fast – Two Very Simple And Efficient Techniques

If you want to know how to enlarge your penis fast, continuously keep in mind that basic safety presents an important element within the situation. And also, if you’d like this completed as fast as possible and also with no high risk side-effects, there is just 2 verified penis enlargement techniques (other than through surgical treatment) which will enlarge your penis fast along with safely and securely.

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