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The Medical Explanation for “Male Midlife Crisis”

The human body goes through different biological phases which are brought about by the years lived. In women, the phases are more pronounced and clearly demarcated such as puberty and menopause because the impacts of these biological milestones are clearly perceived. In men, while there are some obvious physical changes at the onset of puberty – such as the change of the voice and the appearance of facial and body hair, the biological changes that come about as the male body crosses the age of 45 are not so closely studied as they are more or less relegated to being…

Stop Premature Ejaculation: The New Holistic Working Solution To Last Longer In Bed

Lasting longer in bed is something that most men find elusive. This is despite the fact that there are thousands of so-called “cures” of premature ejaculation. People are still suffering with men who are desperate enough to try artificial treatments of early ejaculation ending up with more complications and problems in the bedroom. Holistic methods of boosting sexual performance in the bedroom still work. These methods are effective in helping people to last long in bed without necessarily causing them any adverse side effects.

An Overview Of Sperm Count Test And Sperm Check Test

The most important test for assessing infertility in men would be conducting a semen analysis test. The semen will be analyzed by a reproductive specialist, allowing for a diagnosis to be made. A fresh semen sample not more than half an hour old is required in order to conduct a test to count sperm in semen.

Delayed Ejaculation – What It Is, Why It Happens, and How to Help

Delayed ejaculation can inhibit sexual pleasure and cause significant emotional stress. Understanding the causes and treatments for ejaculation problems is an important part of resolving this condition.

Medications That May Affect Penis Health

Prescription medications may affect the health of your penis and your sex life. Drugs are known to be toxic to the tissues of the reproductive system, and the more drugs you take, the worse the effect. For example antidepressants, antibiotics and blood pressure medications are all known to affect libido, erectile function and desire in a negative way.

Do VigRX Plus Pills Deliver Good Results?

VigRX is one of the most notable male enhancement products around. It is made to help with giving men the best erections they can get while also improving the ways how orgasms are used. It’s an impressive product especially considering how it is not made with some of the dangerous ingredients that so many prescriptions for male enhancement use. It is made with safe ingredients that are made to create strong results. There’s also a strong guarantee attached to the product.

Penis Sensitivity Facts – Exploring the Pleasure Zone

The penis skin is highly sensitive and plays an important role in sexual pleasure. Aging, penis problems and rough handling over time can inhibit penis sensitivity – measures for avoiding a reduction in penile sensation are described here.

FAQ’s Answered On The 3 New Male Enhancement Methods That Are Out (And Which One Works Best)

Want to know what new enhancement methods are out… and which one works best? Read on to learn more…

Will Penis Exercises Work If You Didn’t Have Any Luck With Another Enlargement Method?

Are you interested in trying out penis exercises, but you’re worried they won’t work since you didn’t have success with other methods? Continue reading to see if they will or not…

Yeast Infection Tips

The most common factor responsible for yeast infection is the overuse of the antibiotics. As truly said antibiotics are dangerous mycotoxins. Fungal metabolites kill the bacteria in our body including those which protects our body by building a stronger immune system.

Facts About Prostate Gland

The prostate gland makes up an important component of the human male reproductive system. Let’s take a deeper look at this gland and its functions through this article.

Penis Size

Almost every day a patient asks me about the size of his penis. Is it big enough; is it normal; or can I make it bigger for them. The answer to all of these questions depends, of course, on the patient.

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