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Warts on the Penis – What All Men Should Know About Molluscum Contagiosum

Warts on the penis are never a welcome sight, and men often assume the worst when they appear. But bumps on the penis are not always caused by herpes – learn more about a less well-known cause of penile lesions.

Does Penis Size Affect Male Erections?

We all have pre-conceived notions about what makes a man impotent or not. One of those has been that the larger the penis, the more likely he is to have erectile problems. Is this true?

Do VigRX Plus Pills Enlarge Your Penis Size Naturally?

The need to work with a larger penis size is important for any man who wants to have sex. The problem with penis enlargement procedures is that they often work with more pain and stress than what is needed on that area. This is why so many people go use VigRX Plus pills to take care of their problems.

How to “Cure” PE Without Drugs or Danger

Q:  Is premature ejaculation curable with drugs? What about surgery, or invasive procedures designed to slow down excitability…

Jock Itch or Herpes? Here’s How to Tell the Difference

Jock itch and herpes can both cause itching, but the two conditions are quite different. While a doctor’s help is vital in obtaining a diagnosis, these tips can ease a man’s mind in the interim.

What All Men Need to Know About Pearly Penile Papules

Is it a wart? A Pimple? Herpes? Maybe not – get the facts about pearly penile papules and what to do about them.

CAUTION! 3 Sexual Stamina Myths That Can Destroy Your Confidence in Bed

What is the average length of time a man should be expected to last during sex? Is premature ejaculation a problem that I should be embarrassed about…

How to Spice Up Your Relationship With Male Enhancement Pills

If you have problems in your relationship you shouldn’t despair there are also ways to fix sexual problems. To know more, read the full article.

Infertility In Men – Is This How It Really Is?

For any infertility issues that arise it is always best to have both partners checked simultaneously. However if the cause is down to you, the male partner, how do you even begin to handle it? Infertility in men is an issue but one with care and attention can be lessened to some degree if you are trying to start a family.

Common Reasons for Male Infertility

There are wide ranges of factors that may contribute to male infertility, including environmental, lifestyle, hormonal and physical components. These factors may directly impact the production, quality and transfer of sperm; however, once the factors are identified, they can generally be addressed and corrected. Environment Factors Environmental factors that lead to male infertility refer to the exposure of harmful chemicals in the workplace or place of residence.

Five Little-Known Tips for Improving Penis Sensitivity

Loss of penis feeling is more common than guys might think, and it can be a frustrating problem. If reduced penis sensitivity is putting a damper on bedroom fun, these little-known tips may help.

You CAN Get A Bigger Penis By Doing Simple Penile Exercises (But Not Without These 3 Important Tips)

Thinking about doing penis exercises for male enhancement? Here are 3 crucial tips you MUST know first…

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