Finally – a simple cure for erectile dysfunction

Bent Penis Problems: Why They Happen and How to Cope

Not all penises take a straight and narrow path. Some have a little more whimsy and take unexpected turns. Here are a few problems men with bent penises have and how to respect the curve.

Skin Irritation on the Penis: Causes, Treatments and Risk Factors

The largest organ on the human body, the skin requires a lot of upkeep to stay clean, dry, and soft. However, when a man notices a skin irritation on his penis, it can not only cause a lot of discomfort but also a lot of paranoia and worry. Let’s explore common causes and treatments for an irritated penis.

Penis Scars: Potential Problems

Over time, normal wear and tear can lead to penis scars, both on the skin’s surface and in the underlying tissue. In some cases, this can lead to significant penile problems, including Peyronie’s disease.

Masturbation Without Visual Aids: Why It’s Beneficial

Many men regularly employ some form of visual aid, such as adult videos or photographs, in their masturbation routine. But there can be benefits in stepping away from the computer to masturbate.

Penis Size: Living in the Real World

Perhaps it was easy in grandfather’s day, but let’s face it: Men today have a hard time not being aware of their penis size and whether it is “up to expectations.” Our obsession with this issue is, of course, misguided; men would be far better off concentrating on their penis health than fretting about penis size. But the fact is that size is still on many men’s minds, and their perceptions of what is a good penis size is distorted by many factors.

Penis Skin Care: 5 Keys to a Youthful Appearance

The penis skin is paramount in making a good impression on another person, especially a potential bed partner. Keeping it looking youthful is definitely to a man’s benefit.

Penis Problems and the Anemia Factor

When a person has anemia, they feel generally tired and rundown, which is no fun. But men with anemic may also experience penis problems to add to their woe.

Penis Rash? Maybe It’s Aspirin

Can taking plain old aspiring cause an unsightly penis rash? In some cases, a person may have an allergic reaction to a common drug that does cause this problem.

How to Cure a Dry Penis: Common Causes and Treatment Options

When a man notices dry and itchy pealing penis skin, it can make for an uncomfortable day, especially if tight clothing is involved. It can be a chronic condition or appear at random times. When not properly handled, dry, flaking and chapped skin can cause red and irritated skin and is an inconvenient and sometimes painful burden.

Erectile Dysfunction? Maybe Try a Little Watermelon

The impact of diet on erectile dysfunction is well known, and there are plenty of healthy foods that can contribute to better erections. One of these is a great summertime favorite – here’s how watermelon can help improve male performance.

Sore Penis After Sex? How to Soothe the Burn

The good news – there was tons of sex. The bad news – a sore penis is now the result. There’s discomfort, throbbing, and aching, but it’s a better reason to have a sore penis than a basketball foul! Here are a few ways to soothe a sore penis after sex.

The Very Real Penis Health Risks of Smoking

Cigarette use is one of the leading causes of death in the United States, as well as worldwide, and the dangers of smoking are well known. To add to the many reasons that men should quit this toxic habit, the risks to penis health are discussed here.

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