The Penis Diet – Eating for a Healthy Sex Life

A diet packed with sugary, sweet, high-calorie foods can lead to multiple health issues, from obesity to heart problems to loss of sexual function. Tamping down the calories is an excellent step toward penis health, not to mention general well-being; but amending the diet still more could bring a guy additional benefits. Super foods packed with the vitamins, minerals, oils and healthy fats a guy needs could lead to an organ that’s great to look at and wonderful to wield.

The 3 Biggest Penis Enlargement Mistakes You Can Make – I Went From 5.5″ To Hung Using Safe Methods!

I went from a smaller-than-average penis size of only 5.5 inches in length and just under 5 inches in girth, and I did so without spending gobs of money on fancy methods or surgery, and without risking my health or safety using nefarious and unproven methods. I did it using completely safe and natural methods that not only didn’t cost me money or risk my health, but also that weren’t time consuming and didn’t take over my life. If you are tired of being smaller than most of your competition (I know I was) and you want to increase your penis size, you can certainly do it as easily and as effectively as I did. However, don’t fall into the pitfalls that a lot of guys fall into when they first get started. Here are the biggest penis enlargement mistakes you can make.

How to Cure Premature Ejaculation With Duramale Pills – Duramale Review

Premature ejaculation is your inability to last longer in bed to satisfy your woman. Others will see premature ejaculation is ejaculating too quickly then you wanted to. In either way, it has its negative consequences for been unable to last longer in bed.

Improving Sex Drive – Why Testosterone Might Not Be the Answer

In the ongoing search for answers to reverse loss of erectile function, as well as decreased sex drive and other unwelcome aspects of maturing, low levels of testosterone have frequently been blamed. This idea seems logical on the surface, since testosterone has been identified as the hormone responsible for men’s libido. As a result, various products and medical procedures have been developed to respond to the perceived need to boost men’s levels of male hormone.

4 Steps To Being Successful With a Penis Enlargement Program – I Went From Under 6″ To Well Endowed!

If you have a small penis like I did, the following paragraphs should give you hope. I was under 6 inches long and 5 inches around and very humiliated and insecure about my size. If you’re in the same boat, don’t worry. Your situation isn’t hopeless, as my situation and subsequent success proves.

Natural Enlargement: 3 Reasons I Had Success With Penis Exercises (I Went From Tiny To IMPRESSIVE!)

Want to know my results with using penis exercises and why I had such great success with this method? Continue reading to learn more…

5 Methods to Help You Get Over Shy Bladder

Imagine this situation: You are having a lunch in the local restaurant. Suddenly you feel you are about to pee. It wouldn’t be an issue if you haven’t the shy bladder syndrome.

Methods in Practical Use to Achieve a Bigger Penis

This is a survey of the most common methods used to make the penis larger. Most of these involve stretching of the penile tissues daily for a long period, but also surgery to make the penis appear larger is also sometimes used.

Penis Rash Triggers – Four Common Causes of Penile Breakouts

A red, itchy penis rash can cause ongoing problems if it is not treated properly. Some common penis symptoms that men should be aware of are described here.

Penis Scabies – Recognizing the Signs

Penis scabies can be a miserable experience, and they are notoriously difficult to eliminate. Recognizing the tell-tale penis blisters and tracks is the first step in treating this highly contagious condition.

Penis Pain – Why Ignoring It Could Lead to Lasting Consequences

Most men go to great lengths to protect their nether regions — and for good reason; a shot to the family jewels is not only extremely painful, it can cause long-term damage to the area. Though the penis is made of tissue and cannot technically be broken in the same way as a bone, trauma to the penile area can result in scarring, which in turn may result in bending or curvature of the penis. This condition is characterized by a plaque build-up, or hard lump, that develops in the tissue of the penis.

Penis Care and Feeding – How Nutrition Impacts Penile Health

Vitamins play a key role in penis health, but the body doesn’t always get enough of the right nutrients. Men can improve their penis health with some simple adjustments to their daily habits.

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