Death and Destruction to Your Orgasmic Trigger – Horrors of Circumcision Part V

The “Horrors of Circumcision” is a group of articles that are intended to help explain to men and women what unfortunate and negative effects circumcision can have on the human male and his poor penis. This particular article will discuss the “orgasmic trigger” in the male and the adverse effects that circumcision has on its ability to function naturally and properly, as it was originally intended in the uncompromised human male penis. One of the most sexually sensitive areas of a man’s penis is a little bit called the “frenulum.”

The Missing Penile Bridge and the Creation of the Penile Moat – Horrors of Circumcision Part II

This series of articles is intended to better explain to men (and women) some of the adverse effects that comes with the barbaric practice of circumcision in the human male. This article will discuss the penile bridge and its destruction and loss through the circumcisional process. If one looks at an uncircumcised penis, one will notice something interesting that isn’t apparent in the penis that is circumcised.

The Dead Head Penis – Horrors of Circumcision Part IV

This group of articles on circumcision is intended to help explain to men (and women) some of the negative effects that comes with the barbaric practice of circumcision in the human male. This particular article will discuss the head of the penis and how it is effected by the circumcisional process. The foreskin has numerous functions in the human male.

Prostate Health and the Antioxidant Lycopene

Many studies have correlated the reduced incidences of cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, osteoporosis, and macular degeneration to increased consumption of lycopene rich foods. It is also believed to help prevent the formation of prostate cancer.

Penis Decapitation and the Circumcisional Guillotine – Horrors of Circumcision Part III

This group of articles is intended to help explain to men and women what the ill effects of circumcision cause in the human male. This particular article will discuss penile head perception and sexual surface area relative to the existence of the foreskin. Surface Area is the region (surface) of any sort of object and is very important in perceiving sensory input and creating sexual pleasure in the penis.

The Penile Dead Zone – Horrors of Circumcision Part I

There are many adverse effects of circumcision that rob a man of his naturally intended penile function, perception, and pleasure when his foreskin is removed. In this series of articles we will try to outline some of the ill effects that are the sequelae of circumcising the human male. The foreskin is a highly sensitive and nerve-rich part of the penis.

The “Hillbilly Toothpick” and Other Uses of Penis Bones for Self-Sufficiency, Safety, and Survival

“Hillbilly Toothpick” is the term used for penis bones that have been removed and utilized for toothpicks or decoration (mainly on baseball and cowboy hats). Typically they are the penis bones from raccoons. They aren’t used much for toothpicks any longer, but this form of penis bone utilization can still be seen adorning people’s hats.

Exercising the Penis Review – Do the Exercises Really Work?

In this exercising the penis review we’ll explore the book to discover if it can help you grow your penis and experience a more satisfying sex life. We’ll look at what the book is about, how effective it is, and a few other related concerns.

Herbal Solutions to Gynecomastia

Various gynecomastia drugs are out in the market today. However an alternative medicine never gets out of the scene when talking about treatment. Herbal plants have long been accepted as one of the effective and safe ways to treat certain conditions.

Aphrodisiacs – Why Chocolate Does the Trick

When the subject of Aphrodisiacs comes up people automatically start thinking about eating those horrible, slimy oysters that look so revolting but there is a much better one that we all know about; chocolate. So if eating chocolate really does have a magical effect on your love life then what does it contain to make it actually work?

What Actually Are Fordyce Spots?

Fordyce spots are found on the shaft penis, scrotum, labia, or outer border of the lips. They appear either as a single or a group of lesions. The spots’ characteristics and location make them easy to be mistaken for other form of skin lesions. When found on the penis, they are wrongly thought of as pearly penile papules.

Breaking News Story: Another Woman Falls Prey to Penis Enlargement Naturally Induced Shock (PENIS)

Kathy — “Good Evening. This is Kathy Cupcake from WPNS with this breaking and disturbing news story. In another case of Penis Enlargement Gone Wild, another woman has fallen victim to an overly large penis size…

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