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Penis Protection 101 – Why All Men Need Their Vitamin C

Vitamin C is an essential nutrient the body needs every day; however, few people know the surprising benefits of vitamin C for penis protection. Learn more about maximizing the benefits of vitamin C.

Painful Penis Problems – Identify the Cause, Understand the Cure

A painful penis is a problem no man wants to have, but most men cannot avoid. Understanding the problems described here can help men make informed decisions about their care.

2 Simple Steps To Add At Least One Inch To Your Penis Size Within 4 Weeks

If you want to add at least an inch to your penis size within 4 weeks, then there are 3 simple (and VERY important) steps I recommend you follow. Continue reading to get started…

Penis Odor 911 – Rescue Tips for a Smelly Manhood

Penis odor can be a sign of poor hygiene, but even men who shower can develop a pungent aroma down there. Some simple solutions can help put an end to the fishy smell.

Penis Function Impaired by Poor Lifestyle Choices

Poor lifestyle choices can impair penis function and even lead to infertility. Adopting healthier habits can help prevent long-term damage.

VigRX Plus Reviews From Real Guys With Shocking Results

There have been a lot of reviews on VigRX Plus but can it truly help eliminate your male health issues? Find out more by reading this complete review article and also check out the video in the resource box below.

Penis Hurts – Tips for Recovering After an Exotic, Yet Painful Encounter

Erotic play with a chastity cage is intended to cause discomfort, but often, the penis hurts more than a man bargained for after release. The smart player needs to know how to treat post-release issues.

Penis Sensation Rescue – Breathe New Life Into an Unresponsive Manhood

Loss of penis sensation does not mean the end of a pleasurable sex life for everyone. Learn what men can due to revive penile sensitivity with these 4 easy tips.

How Men Can Cope Better With Incontinence

Living with incontinence is never an ideal thing. With little to no disruption to one’s daily activities, there are ways to manage incontinence better.

Penis Wart Removal – Why It Should Be Left to the Professionals

Wart removal products made for the hands and feet might not be right for penis warts. Here’s why.

Kama Sutra for the Weekend Warrior – A Sensuality Guide

While most men would like to improve their bedroom performance, few have time in their busy schedule for a course in Kama sutra training. However, some simple tips can help to spice things up.

Penis Care Handbook – Act Now for Future Penile Health

A healthy penis equals a healthy sex life, something no man wants to do without. Follow this step-by-step guide to optimum penis care.

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