How Sildenafil works in Erectile dysfunction?

Sex and Pregnancy: Understanding Penis Health

When a man is thinking about fathering a child, his penis health becomes of utmost importance. Here’s what a man needs to know about pregnancy and his penis.

Jock Itch: Sensible Prevention Tips

Nasty jock itch can cause a man to keep slipping his hand down to the crotch for a quick scratch, which can lead to embarrassment. Prevention tips can help a guy avoid this situation.

3 Simple Tests for Adequate Penis Sensation

Much is said about penis sensation, but how does a man know that his is up to par? Here’s how to know if a guy’s penis sensitivity is really where it should be.

What Every Guy Should Know About Penis Warts

As penis problems go, penis warts can be a real challenge. Here’s what men need to know about this particular issue.

Cholesterol and the Erect Penis

It goes without saying that maintaining an erect penis is a goal most men share. Keeping cholesterol levels in check can be a bonus in attaining that goal.

Can BPAs Damage a Healthy Penis?

There are a number of common sense approaches to maintaining a healthy penis, such as washing regularly. But there are other issues which should also be addressed, such as the possible effect of PBAs.

Masturbation Control: Fighting the Urge

While most men like to think that they are master of their domain, the fact is that being able to control the urge for masturbation can be challenging for many. Of course, there’s usually no physical reason for needing to control the rate of masturbation; studies indicate that masturbation is even healthy for a guy. But most guys go through some period when they think they’d like to control the urge for a while – a few weeks, a few days – sometimes even a few hours.

Penis Health 101: Is Hot Tub Play Really Safe?

Many men love a dip in the hot tub, but what does all that hot water mean for penis health? Here’s what a guy needs to know about hot tub play.

Penis Problems Due to Antidepressants

One of the issues with medications is that they often have some form of side effects. For example, some antidepressants may potentially result in penis problems for some men.

Healthy Penis Friend: Probiotics

Paying careful attention to a penis health regimen helps maintain a healthy penis. Some may want to consider using probiotics as part of that daily health regimen.

Hypersensitivity: What to Do About Too Much Penis Sensation

In the quest for more penis sensation, some men should be careful what they wish for. Hypersensitivity can be as much a hindrance to a good sex life as lack of sensation can be.

Uncomfortable Penis Injury: Frenulum Breve

No kind of penis injury is desirable, as anyone who has experienced one can attest. A guy with frenulum breve may experience painful cuts and tears to the penis.

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