How to DESTROY Self-Doubt (and STOP “overthinking”)

Sexual Function and Obesity – The Naked Truth About Body Fat and Erectile Health

The negative health effects of obesity are well-known, but not all men are aware that being overweight can actually affect their sexual function. Here’s why excessive body weight can impair erectile health.

Telling Truth From Lies Regarding Men’s Sexual Health

Even among men themselves, the issue of men’s sexual health is one that is normally discussed in very low tones. This is unlike women who openly talk about these issues not only with their peers but also with doctors any time they feel or see signs that there is a problem approaching. Men on the other side are normally very reluctant to ask for help even from medical professionals and they choose to suffer in silence. We all know that it is the nature of men to keep their personal matters to themselves and when it comes to matters as delicate as sexual issues, they will be guarded very closely.

Knowing All About Premature Ejaculation

Thousands of men suffer from a common male sexual disorder known as premature ejaculation but unfortunately most of them do so in total silence. This is because of the embarrassment they believe goes on with the condition and, as such, they rarely look for professional assistance. Premature ejaculation occurs when a man ejaculates too early during the sexual encounter even before they satisfy their partner. It is very important for any man in a relationship to learn how to deal with this disorder because of its potential to fall into other areas of the relationship and have a negative impact.

Dry Masturbation 411 – To Lube or Not to Lube?

While some men wouldn’t dare masturbate without a selection of lubrications and lotions at hand, others never touch the stuff. Learn why dry masturbation is potentially harmful to the penis and should be stopped today.

Sore Penis Symptom Checker – When It’s Time for Professional Help

Many men avoid going to the doctor, but when it comes to a sore penis, avoidance is not a good option. Learn what common penis symptoms mean and when to head to the doc.

How Do I Increase The Benefits Of Testosterone Booster Supplements?

Testosterone booster supplements are more successful these days. Individuals can discuss more openly about it, and the quantity of dealers has been growing. It could be attributed to the fact that a lot more men are getting worried about their physical appearance.

Penis Rash Facts – When a Foot Fixation Leads to Fungal Infection – Or Worse

Men should avoid penis rash, but sometimes the temptation of new sexual experiences can outweigh the risk. Experimenting with a foot fetish means that extra care needs to be taken to keep rash-free.

Surprising Penis Stimulation Tricks – The Role of the Brain in Sensual Pleasure

Playing sexy mind games can create an intense degree of penis stimulation -and that’s not a bad thing. Mental activities that lead to erections are part and parcel of being a guy.

The Dilemma of Men With Overdeveloped Breasts

Self-image and masculinity are very important for most men and it can be very devastating to deal with something that could make their masculinity questionable. This is happening to men with gynecomastia or enlargement of the male breasts. When a man has overdeveloped breasts that resemble those of women’s, their masculinity is somehow being questioned. The dilemma of men with overdeveloped breasts could make their lives miserable.

Nine Penis Vitamins – Get a Healthier Penis With This Nutrient Powerhouse

Keeping the penis healthy should be a daily endeavor for every man. Luckily, in one simple step the penis can receive all the nutrients it needs to achieve maximum functioning.

Penis Health Products – A Buyer’s Guide

Choosing the right intimate products is relatively simple, as long as men follow a few basic rules. Some guidelines for choosing a penis health creme are offered here.

Why Water Therapy Is Good for You

Do you often wonder why doctors recommend we drink at least seven to eight glasses of water a day? Have you ever thought about asking them why they insist on it? If you didn’t get the opportunity to ask them the relevance of water therapy then consider yourself lucky because I will elucidate the reasons behind this beautiful piece of advice. Water is tasteless, bland and some might even consider describing it as boring but in spite of its insipidness water has loads of benefits that can improve your overall health and well-being.

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