How To Get Yourself “Hard” Again (Guide on what to do about erectile dysfunction)

Penis Health: How to Perform Self-Examinations

Maintaining penis health requires performing frequent self-examinations in order to detect any abnormalities early on. The following tips will help men perform thorough self-exams.

Dry Penis Skin: Prevention and Management

Colder temperatures correspond with drier air, which can lead to dry skin. Some men might find that the penis is affected. Learn how to prevent and manage dry penis skin.

One Thought On Penis Enlargement Medicines

The penis is definitely the most important part of a male body. In order to taste the fruits of the happy married life, it is essential to have a healthy reproductive system. To enjoy healthy sex life, it is essential that you must have a medically fit reproductive organ.

Penis Odor: Does Diet Affect It?

For some men, a strong, persistent penis odor can be a major deterrent to establishing intimacy. In addition to practicing proper hygiene, such a man may require changes in the diet.

The Chafed Penis and Jogging: Finding Relief for the Run

The fall season sees an increase in men jogging, which promotes good physical health – but may result in an uncomfortable chafed penis. Taking measures to prevent and care for this condition is advised.

Ways to Get Instant, Strong and Powerful Erections Naturally

It’s highly unfortunate that ED is common among men. This article lists some of the best and most effective ways to help you get strong and powerful erections without using harsh drugs.

Penis Sensitivity: The Role of Vitamins

Maintaining proper penis sensitivity is crucial for a man to get the maximum pleasure from his sexual experiences. Proper vitamin intake, through the proper means, can help.

Erect Penis Peril: The Dangers of Priapism

Many men joke about having a permanently erect penis as a means of expressing their “always ready” sexuality. But in fact, priapism is a condition in which an erect penis can cause serious damage.

Itchy Penis Relief: Involving One’s Partner in Treatment

Guys don’t mind the occasional itchy penis, but they need to take steps when the itch just won’t stop. In some cases, involving one’s partner in treating the itch can be pleasurable for both.

Sex Tips: Non-Physical Stimulation for Hotter Action

Sexual stimulation can be achieved in a number of ways, some of which don’t involve physical contact. The following sex tips advise men concerning hands-free methods of stimulation that promise to enhance the experience for all involved.

Is Penis Health Affected by Diabetes?

Diabetes is a serious health concern for many people around the world. Men with this issue may find it can have a significant impact on their penis health as well.

The Wrinkled Penis: Smoothing Out the Penis Skin

A wrinkled penis is not going to make the kind of first impression that most men desire when disrobing for a partner. Keeping the penis skin supple and moisturized can help.

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