I CAN’T GET “IT” UP!!! (How To FIX Erectile Dysfunction FAST)

10 Triggers for Penis Irritation and How to Calm the Savage Beast

Penis irritation can cause a rash, swelling, and a lot of pain in a delicate place. Read on to learn what triggers to look out for and how to prevent irritated penis skin in the future.

Penis Scabs: Causes and Treatment

A scab on a man’s elbow may be nothing to get worried about, but a penis scab commands an audience. Read on to learn about penis scabs and how to treat and prevent them.

How to Improve Penis Health and Avoid Penis Problems

Penis problems encompass a great many things. However, once a man learns how to improve penis health, he can avoid a lot of them.

A Stalled Sex Life Could Be Bad for Your Health – Get The Passion Back With These Tips!

Not in the mood to get it on lately? Lack of sex could lead to health problems. Don’t believe it? Read on to learn how declining sex could decline your health.

Some Reasons for an Itchy Penis and How to Fix It

There’s nothing more annoying than an itchy penis, except maybe for trying to pinpoint what’s causing it. Read on to learn more about what may be causing that penis itching.

Some Ways to Delay Ejaculation for Longer Sex Sessions

Is playtime over as soon as it begins? It doesn’t have to be! Check out these 7 ways to delay ejaculation so you can sex it up longer.

Uncommon Penis Problems: Spontaneous Ejaculation

Generally speaking, keeping a careful eye on one’s penis health helps avoid many potential penis problems. But sometimes penis health issues pop up despite careful and close monitoring. One of the less common penis problems a man may encounter is that of the spontaneous ejaculation(SE).

Common PFCs May Affect Male Organ Size

The last thing a man wants to worry about when he disrobes is his male organ size. Now it turns out that exposure to PFCs may impact male organ size.

“Chicken Skin” Penis Bumps? No, It’s Keratosis Pilaris

When penis bumps are a feature of a man’s equipment, it makes hopping into bed a tough sell. That applies even when the cause is harmless, like keratosis pilaris.

Masturbation One-On-One: Letting a Partner Watch

As all know, masturbation is typically thought of as an activity best undertaken when all alone and by oneself. Yet masturbating in front of a partner can have benefits.

Some New Year’s Resolutions for Better Penis Health

The new year is rapidly approaching – and with it the need to make meaningful resolutions. And what could be more meaningful than improving one’s penis health?

Restless Legs Syndrome Could Impact Penis Function

There’s nothing to make a guy feel like a whole new man than a really good night’s sleep. Unfortunately, there can be numerous conditions which get in the way of achieving that good night’s sleep, such as restless legs syndrome. But in some cases, not only can restless legs syndrome interfere with sleep, it can become a penis health issue as well by potentially affecting good penis function.

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