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Itchy Penis Woes and How Shaving Can Help Stop the Scratching

Guys that can’t keep their hands out of their pants may just have an itchy penis. Good penis health care is essential, but does manscaping also help reduce the need to scratch?

Coping With Itchy Penis Skin: Soothe Psoriasis With Shea Butter

Psoriasis can cause dry, itchy skin to appear anywhere on the body, including the penis. Learn about treatment options, including natural remedies for healthy penis skin.

Penis Sensitivity Can Decline With Age – What to Do to Keep It Young

No one likes getting old, especially if it means penis sensitivity is going to decline. But an aging penis doesn’t necessarily have to mean an insensate one.

Soothing a Distressed, Sore Penis – How to Heal From Vibrator Damage

Long considered a women’s tool, the vibrator is now being used by many men, sometimes resulting in a sore penis. Adventurous men are currently enjoying the thrill of vibratory ejaculation.

Tantric Sex and Penis Health – What Can Go Wrong

Tantric sex can be intense, but it can also affect penis health if certain precautions are not taken. Learn more here about how to protect and care for the manhood.

5 Benefits of Maca Root and 2 Great Recipes

The Greatest Superfood – Maca Root I love maca root. Why? Because it is one of the few vitamins, minerals or herbs that has a real and immediate effect.

Armchair Penis Exercises – Sexual Health Tips for the Weekend Un-Warrior

Most men are aware that they need to exercise to stay healthy, and this reality applies to sexual health, as well as the rest of the body. Some simple penis exercises that can be done even when relaxing are described here.

How to Use Your First Cut Throat Razor

Shaving is not an easy task for many experienced old men let alone young men who are learning how to shave. Shaving is an extremely delicate art that requires a lot of precision, thought and ingenuity. This is because you shave a precarious part of your body, i.e. your face and throat.

Masturbation Techniques to Master With Tips From the Kama Sutra

The Kama Sutra is, at its heart, a playbook for mind-blowing sex. Different positions, alternating speeds and even radical new techniques for foreplay are all detailed in this ancient book, and men who want to really up the ante in the bedroom can find much to enjoy here. However, much of a man’s sex life might take place when he’s completely alone, and the book is remarkably silent on masturbation techniques.

Curing ED With Exercise

Erectile dysfunction is simply a situation whereby a man cannot maintain an erection long enough for intercourse. This is a very frustrating and embarrassing situation for most men. They are always desperate to find a cure to this frustrating problem.

Protodioscin and Sex Drive – How Are They Related?

Protodioscin is a steroidal saponin compound that has been found to help increase sexual drive. It is commonly found in a plant called tribular terrestris or puncture vine.

Masturbation and Sexual Health – How Self-Love Improves Partner Play

It is not necessary to choose either sex or masturbation; in fact, both are part of good sexual health. Learn how individuals who masturbate more frequently may actually have a healthier sex life.

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