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Launch Your Testosterone Levels Into Hyper Drive With Garlic and Onions

Ahh testosterone, don’t we all wish we had more of it due to it’s amazing qualities. Qualities such as increased muscle mass, sharper thinking, being more confident and being happier than ever before. You might have tried some products which claim to boost your testosterone levels like crazy but in reality they wont do a single thing. Why waste your time and money on a product that has no scientific proof to back up its unrealistic claims. Forget about those testosterone supplements, trust me. The only thing you will need to launch your testosterone levels into hyper drive are only garlic and onions.

Red Penis Concerns – Common Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

The discovery of red penis can be startling, uncomfortable, and very concerning. The following discussion highlights the most common causes of this condition and the associated characteristics of each causative agent.

Penis Pain Explained – Could It Be Urethritis?

Penis pain could be caused by urethritis. Here’s what to do.

Ways to Increase Semen Volume by 500%

Increasing semen production is possible with simple changes in both your diet and lifestyle. Moreover, you can also use some natural semen enhancers that can help you get harder erections too.

A Penis Health Routine for Every Man – One Guy Shares How He Keeps His Boys in Shape

When’s the last time a guy shared his intimate penis care secrets with his buddies? Chances are, that’s the kind of conversation that never happens. Most men like to keep private things private, and that means they don’t yap about bathroom or bedroom stuff.

Masturbation Dos and Don’ts for Preserving Penis Sensation

On the surface, masturbation seems relatively simple. Guys who want to get a little private pleasure can just grab on and get moving. In reality, however, a few steps done the wrong way can do a lot of damage to a man’s vital organ, and that could result in diminished penis health; in fact, the wrong approach can lead to loss of sensation, a problem no man wants to experience.

Eight Sore Penis Solutions for All Occasions – How to Soothe a Throbbing Member

What in the world should a man do when pain strikes down below? Often, that’s a question best answered by a doctor. But these nine penis care steps can benefit men right now as they wait for an appointment time to open up.

A Skinny Guy’s Guide to Body Building

The skinny guy does not have to be the muscle bound alpha male to get ahead. He (and in some cases she) has to develop themselves differently from the pack. Following the pack and struggling up the food chain is a loser’s game that is seldom won. Learn a few proven techniques to building strength, fitness and confidence.

Three Supplements Which Lower Estrogen in Men and Increase Testosterone

High amounts of the female sex hormone estrogen in your body will not do your body any good and will rot your body inside out. Us men today have a very high amount of estrogen in our blood because of certain chemicals in our environment that mimic the female sex hormone estrogen. Now, we all need estrogen but too much of estrogen will suppress testosterone production and cause female effects inside the male body. Female effects such as, enlargement of the male breast tissue and so on. To lower estrogen one could take anti estrogen pills that the bodybuilders take or use the three supplements which lower estrogen in men and increase testosterone, which I am about to tell you.

How to a Get Rock Solid Erection in Seconds

Erectile dysfunction is a terrible experience for any man. This is a condition, however, that can be corrected even without using drugs. This article lists some of the best ways to help you get harder and stiffer erections naturally and safely.

Preventing Penis Problems – When She Wants to Get Kinky and He Doesn’t

A little kinky bedroom experimentation can be a lot of fun, and it is a great way to spice up any relationship. However, due to the risk of penis problems, some men may be reluctant to participate With appropriate penis care, a man can be in good shape to undertake a wide variety of interesting and exciting activities in bed; but if a man doesn’t have the right comfort level with what is being proposed, this can lead to all sorts of problems and issues. So what does a man do when his partner is kinky and he’s not – at…

The Itchy Penis and Public Places – Useful Precautionary Measures

It’s inevitable that an itchy penis will pop up at the worst possible moment in a public situation. Learning how to handle the situation is crucial for these awkward social moments.

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