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How Erectile Dysfunction Treatment Can Be Treated

There are several diseases which can ruin the life of a male. Some diseases are categorized as the sexual disorder. The medical science is doing tremendous work in this domain in order to provide you the benefits of the healthy sexual life.

Penis Ulcers Might Signal Behcet’s Disease

Penis ulcers are unsightly, painful and frightening, but there are many things that can cause them. The rare condition known as Behcet’s disease is one potential culprit.

Why a Man’s Penis Wakes Up Before He Does

One of the most interesting penis problems – assuming it can be called a problem at all – is the presence of morning wood. For some men, the morning flagpole is simply noted and ignored, because it doesn’t bother them at all. But for others, an erection first thing in the morning is very powerful, strong enough to rouse a man from his peaceful slumber and make it tough to get back to sleep.

Penis Health Can Be Threatened by Bad Choices

Regular arousal is great for penis health. But what happens when arousal leads a man to make terrible decisions in the heat of the moment?

A Link Between Erectile Dysfunction and Osteoporosis?

Men who struggle with erectile dysfunction already have many challenges. Now a new study indicates that they may have another one: a higher risk of developing osteoporosis. While this does drive home the importance of striving to maintain prime penis health, it seems like a bit of a stretch – so why did the researchers arrive at this conclusion?

Penis Sensitivity and Circumcision: What Men Need to Know

Many men who have undergone circumcision might wonder if their penis sensitivity is compromised. Current studies show that the loss of sensitivity might not be as bad as men have been led to believe.

Erect Penis Emergency: Dealing With Priapism

In most cases, a guy would hardly consider an erect penis to be a crisis. Sure, occasionally popping a noticeable boner while giving a presentation or when meeting a partner’s parents can be embarrassing or awkward, but it’s hardly an emergency. However, when that erect penis is due to priapism, things are quite different.

Sometimes Penis Bumps May Be Hives

A man wants to proudly display his member in appropriate situations, not hide it because penis bumps from hives makes it unsightly. Treating the hives is necessary for penis health.

Forget a Chafed Penis – It’s the Refractory Period That’s Annoying

Having a great time in the sack might be dampened by not only a chafed penis, but an annoying refractory period. Why can’t a man go again as soon as he wants to?

Male Oral Sex Tips – From a Woman’s POV

When men are receiving oral sex pleasure, they may not consider how the woman feels. These tips can help make the experience better for her as well.

Diet and Erection Size? How to Naturally Improve Your Sexual Performance Through Food Alone

Who else worries about their erection size? Have you ever found yourself feeling self-conscious about your anatomy during sex? Do you wonder if your partner wants more, craves more or needs a better “fit” to meet THEIR deepest needs?

Finishing Too Fast? The Truth About Super Staying Power They Don’t Want You to Know

Who else suffers from premature ejaculation? Have you tried pills, pumps, potions and lotions in the hope that you’re stamina and staying power would improve? Have you tried exotic herbs, or purchased products from shady websites in the hope that they would deliver what they promised?

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