Kegel Exercises for Erectile Dysfunction – Physiotherapy Guide

Avoiding Penis Injury From Bruising

No man wants to experience any kind of penis injury, but penile bruising is a not uncommon occurrence. It can be the result of a variety of causes.

How to Rejuvenate the Penis: The Facts on Non-Surgical Penile Rejuvenation

There are some men who dare to dream about a penis that’s stronger, harder, and bigger. Thankfully for them, science had the same ideas to rejuvenate the penis. Read on to learn more about penis enhancement surgery, an easy procedure that may give a man the dick of his dreams.

Using a Sleeve With a Small Penis

A man with a small penis often feels at a disadvantage, even though skill and health are more important than size. Using a penis sleeve may provide some benefits to such a man.

5 Causes of Bruised Penile Tissue and How to Treat It

Penis bruising is all too common a malady for men. Let’s break down what causes bruised penile tissue and how to get things back to good.

Penis Calluses 101: What To Do When a Man Finds a Callus on His Penis

Sure, a man can get them on his feet, but his penis? Yep, calluses on the penis are a thing. To learn more, read on.

Penile Shrinkage: Causes of and Treatment for a Shortened Penis

No man wants to look down to find a shortened penis, but the truth is, many men experience some shrinkage over time. Let’s look at potential causes of penile shortening and how to treat this common concern.

Penile Oddities: What Is Happening to My Junk?

Like any other part of the body, the penis can develop strange symptoms from time to time. While these are not always an indication of a serious problem, understanding these penile oddities can be reassuring and can help men to decide with their doctors how to treat the problem.

Adult Circumcision Before and After

Adult men who haven’t been circumcised often wonder what the process entails. Let’s examine circumcision before and after to help those men make an educated choice and manage their expectations.

Five Man 1 Man Oil Side Effects Men May Not Know About

There’s a lot of hype out there. Some men wonder what penis health cremes like Man 1 Man Oil can do for them and if Man 1 Man Oil side effects exist.

Masturbation As a Five Senses Experience

Since most men engage in masturbation on a regular basis, it pays to find ways to keep the experience entertaining. Utilizing all the sense is one thing to try.

Itty Bitty Penis Bumps? Maybe Lichen Nitidus

Penis bumps can come in a range of sizes, shapes and colors – and can often cause anxiety in a man. Sometimes lichen nitidus may be the cause of very tiny, light little bumps.

Using Sex Toys With a Bent Penis

Often, a man with a severely bent penis may experience issues which can interfere with his sexual enjoyment. Using sex toys is usually still a viable option.

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