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Masturbation Clubs: Tips for the Newbie

Masturbation clubs can be a great place for a man to experience masturbation on a new and different level. But a newbie to the experience may need a little guidance in advance.

Penis Pain From Sports: Precautions and Treatment

Most men who play sports will experience penis pain at some point or other. However, there are steps that can help reduce the risk of penis pain from sports.

Penis Rash Might Be the Result of Pemphigus

Whether it’s on personal display in the bedroom or on public display in the locker room, no guy wants his manhood visibly marred by a penis rash. It can be a turn off (and a sexual deal breaker) for a potential partner and can cause snickers or discomfort from other men at the gym – and can also be a sign of a more concerning penis health matter. Determining the cause of a penis rash is important; one of those causes could potentially be a condition known as pemphigus.

Desensitized Penis? It Might Be ‘Death Grip’ Masturbation

Masturbation is a natural, healthy part of being a man. But a desensitized penis from ‘death grip’ masturbation is a quite common problem that many men struggle to overcome.

Can More Frequent Sex Translate to Better Memory?

Having sex frequently is not only fun, it’s also beneficial to a person’s health. And now studies suggest that it may play a role in keeping memory sharp.

Is That Penis Pain Caused by Crohn’s Disease?

Penis pain is always a serious issue; getting to the bottom of the cause is urgent. Some men who have Crohn’s disease might be surprised to learn that the problem can affect the genital area, too.

How To Increase Testosterone for Men Over 40

One of the most important hormones that are produced in human body is the testosterone. Although it is produced in both males and females, however, the hormone plays a major role in development of the male reproductive tissues and organs like the prostrate or the testicles along with sexual characteristics like body on hair, libido etc. Owing to age or lifestyle habits many people face the problem of decreased levels of testosterone.

Sex Tips: Making the Bedroom Work for You

For many guys, the only kind of sex tips they want are the kind that relate to their penis health and/or the way they use that penis to create an amazing night of wonderment and lust. But as important as sex tips concerning a man’s equipment may be, the fact of the matter is that many non-penis-specific tips can come in very handy. And one area where sex tips for guys are often crucially needed is simply the bedroom – not metaphorically, but literally, the room where the bed resides and where most of the anticipated sex occurs.

What Does That Fishy Penis Smell Mean?

Penis odor is something every man battles from time to time. But a persistent fishy penis smell might be a sign of a serious issue.

Those Penis Bumps May Be MC, Not Warts

The sudden appearance of penis bumps may cause a man anxiety, as they may signal a significant problem. Luckily, sometimes they are only MC, a benign if annoying condition.

Masturbation, Penis Chafing, and a Few Interesting Facts

Some men are so serious about masturbation that they worry about penis chafing. And some men lie about how much they masturbate. Here are some other interesting facts on a man’s favorite personal pastime.

Could Penis Odor Indicate Ketonuria?

Men prepping themselves for a hot date like to make that they are in as sexy and appealing a condition as possible – and penis odor is one of the last things they want. It’s a situation that causes many men embarrassment and frustration. But the good news is that it can lead a man to look into possible issues, either with penis health itself or with overall general health.

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