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Itchy Penis? Manscaping May Help

Too many men are familiar with the curse of an itchy penis and will try just about anything to cure this problem. For these guys, it might be time to think about a little manscaping.

Stopping That Penis Itch: When Thrush Is Not Just a Female Problem

An unexplained penis itch might be caused by a surprising problem: Thrush. Though yeast infections are common among women, many men are unaware that they can wind up with the problem too.

A Man’s Biggest Worry Is Not Penis Size

Recent informal studies asked men: What’s the biggest worry? Though many did mention penis size and other penile issues, the results of what really bothers men of all ages might be surprising.

Dry Penis Skin Could Be Due to Hypothyroidism

Unattractive dry penis skin can be a major turn-off to a bedmate, which is why men take steps to ward off dryness and peeling. When hypothyroidism is an underlying cause, special care is needed.

Maintaining a Healthy Penis While Camping

When a man has a healthy penis, he’s on top of the world. But some manly activities, such as camping in the Wild, can present some special obstacles to maintaining that precious health.

Is the Erect Penis Affected by Marijuana Use?

Lots of men smoke marijuana on a daily basis, but is it possible that such use can impede the function of their erect penis? Some studies suggest this may be the case.

Is Small Penis Syndrome Affecting Your Sex Life?

Some men with penises of normal size still suffer from small penis syndrome, which affects not only their sex life but also their psychological health. Treating this condition is important.

7 Surprising Signs You Have Low Testosterone

Testosterone can be described as hormone generated by the body. Testicles produce it in the case of men, and ovaries in the event of women. Many people usually think of low testosterone as men’s problems, but it is also observed in the development of women.

When a Penis Rash Is Something to Worry About

A penis rash can be worrisome, but there’s good news: Penis rashes are often mild and quickly disappear with simple remedies. However, sometimes a penis rash is an indication of deeper penile problems. Here’s how to know.

Those Penis Bumps May Be Lymphoceles

Penis bumps, especially those that appear soon after sex, can cause real anxiety. Here’s what to know if they turn out to be lymphoceles.

Penis Pain From Paraphimosis Can Be Serious

Whether intact or circumcised, penis pain can be an issue for all men and can come about from a variety of causes. However, paraphimosis is a penis pain-causing condition which is, by definition, limited only to men with foreskin. Knowing about paraphimosis and what to do if it occurs is an essential part of practical penis care for intact men.

Is Erectile Dysfunction Completely Mental?

There are numerous reasons why men want to ensure their penis health, and one of the most common is the fear of erectile dysfunction. No man is anxious to get into the heat of sexual conquest only to discover that his main weapon is not going to win the battle for him. Yet some people believe that the main cause of erectile dysfunction is mental, rather than physical. Can this be so?

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