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Overactive Annoyance (OAB) and Daily Frustration (BPH)

The dilemma of having an overactive bladder is the constant urge to urinate, which no doubt is very unsettling and frustrating. Your spirit is disheartened because you have no control over this aspect of your body and you feel imprisoned because you now must structure your life around your bladder. You count your blessings because you know that things could be a lot worse, but on the other hand, you also know that things could be a lot better.

Treating Penis Rash Due to Sea Bather’s Eruption

Swimmers often find that they have developed a penis rash caused by sea bather’s eruption, which can in some cases be quite painful and uncomfortable. Treating it promptly is necessary.

Can a Man Maintain Penis Health With Surgical Enhancements?

Despite the consequences on penis health, many men choose to pursue enhancement options that aren’t always doctor-approved. But now there is a potential enhancement that might actually work. Is it worth trying?

Low Testosterone? A Penis Self-Examination Is in Order

Men often do a penis self-examination and might wonder if things are any different – and if they are, is low testosterone to blame? But low testosterone affects much more than the penis. Here’s what to expect.

Sexual Health: Is a Taste of Mint Good or Bad?

There are so many factors to consider when it comes to maintaining sexual health. Some people think that mint can play a role – but what role exactly?

Dry Penis Skin Sometimes Results From Sex

A dry penis can be a deterrent to sex – so it’s ironic that sometimes sex itself can be the cause of that dry penis skin. Men should take steps to address this problem.

Does Heart Attack Recovery Lead to Penis Problems?

Many men worry about a variety of penis problems, but some men have even deeper concerns. This is especially true if a man has suffered a heart attack and is now trying to get back into the sexual swing of things.

Sleep Apnea and Erectile Dysfunction: There May Be a Link

Few things are as of great a concern to a man as erectile dysfunction, and understandably so. Men take pride in the manner in which their penis operates and when there is a “kink” in the machinery, it can create anxiety. Clearly, erectile dysfunction is linked to the greater area of penis health, but it can also be related to more general health matters.

Evils of Masturbation and Some Suggestions for Remedy Thereof

In a recent T.V symposium on sex related issues, one young participant raised the question to the moderator, “Sir, some people say masturbation is not good for health. Please advise me Sir.” The presiding officer asserted, “There is no harm associated with masturbation”. So saying, he continued listing out some ‘advantages’ of masturbation and concluded his talk, saying masturbation if done not frequently, would do no harm, but good for health. He concluded saying that masturbation is the best alternative to sex with a partner because no HIV risk is involved. I had strong objections to that theory. I sincerely wish that my objections should not go unheard and hence I am writing this article for the benefit of young men. A brief reference to Homo sex is also made.

How To Get Rid of Erectile Dysfunction

Sex is a natural activity. It is more than the recreational activity. The medical science has proved that sexual satisfaction is very important in order to attain good health. The reason which is given for this is that during the sexual intercourse, some hormones get released which provides ultimate pleasure and happiness.

Red Penis and Foreskin: Some Helpful Hints

A red penis can strike any man, whether he sports a foreskin or has been circumcised. Knowing how to look after a red penis situation is valuable.

Is That Penis Rash Caused by a Latex Allergy?

Many men suffer from a penis rash from time to time. But for those who have a latex allergy, the use of condoms can lead to not only a severe penis rash, but other problems as well.

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