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Male Birth Control Is Finally Here – Or Is It?

After decades of promises and false starts, what all men have wanted has finally become a reality. No, we’re not talking about that awesome threesome with a few ladies from the latest Swimsuit Edition (though if a man does happen to be so lucky, please, do share the tale!).

When Penis Sensitivity Is Impacted by Masturbation

With the easy availability of online porn, there has been an increase in concerns that aggressive masturbation by men may lead to a loss of penis sensitivity. Certainly, any man who cares about his penis health wishes to avoid such a situation. But is there evidence that this is actually occurring?

Thick Penis Tips: Sex With a Wider Penis Size

When talking penis size, length is often at the forefront of the conversation. But a thick penis also comes with its own unique set of issues to consider.

Penis Problems: What Happens With an Aging Penis?

Penis problems can occur at any time in a man’s life, but the aging process may make them more likely. Knowing what to look for helps a man prepare.

Small Penis Pride: The Joys of a Modest Endowment

It’s no news bulletin that penis size is a concern for many men, yet it may come as a surprise to learn that not every man is obsessed with sporting a penis of mammoth proportions. In fact, there are men with what might be considered a small penis who take considerable pride in their equipment and are in no way embarrassed or concerned about it. Such men know that, as long as they practice good penis care, there’s no need to be packing a python when a garter snake can do just as well.

A Red Penis Could Signal Plasma Cell Balanitis

There are numerous reasons a man may sport a red penis, including a condition referred to as plasma cell balanitis. This form of balanitis is rare, especially among men who are circumcised.

Penis Health and Pomegranates: Do They Go Together?

Maintaining optimal penis health requires some little effort on the part of a man. Being conscious of dietary choices and including pomegranates in the mix can bear fruit.

Exploring “Mindful” Masturbation

For most men, masturbation is something they can do without thinking. It’s an easy matter of removing the equipment from its enclosure, applying appropriate lubrication, and then pretty much running on autopilot. But some men have discovered that being more mindful when masturbating can have significant benefits for them.

Masturbation and Prostate Health: Avoiding Cancer

There has long been a debate on masturbation and prostate health. Does the number of times a man experiences ejaculation matter when it comes to avoiding prostate cancer?

A Sore Penis From When the Brain Is Set to “Sex”

Too much sex, or too aggressive sex, is a recipe for a sore penis. When the brain is set for sex, it’s hard for a man to think straight about when enough is enough.

That Itchy Penis May Be Due to the Bedding

Is there a male alive who hasn’t experienced an uncomfortably itchy penis at one point of another? Guys know that the occasional uncontrollable urge to scratch is going to hit them, even if they practice really good and conscientious penis care. But knowing that some itchiness is inevitable doesn’t mean a guy won’t find ways to minimize this annoyance as much as possible.

Penis Rash or Bumps: Is It a Sexually Transmitted Disease?

Simply thinking about the consequences of a sexually transmitted disease can be enough to make a man buy the economy size box of condoms. And using condoms each time, especially with a new partner, is a vitally important part of healthy penis care. However, there are some sexually transmitted diseases that are passed through simple skin-to-skin contact, and condoms can’t protect against those.

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