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Penis Skin Care Tips – How to Get a Great-Looking Johnson

Delicate penis skin can be unsightly, if a man’s penis care techniques aren’t quite up to par. Thankfully, reversing the damage and restoring the beauty is relatively easy with the right products.

Male Erectile Health – Self-Exams Men Can’t Afford to Neglect

Erectile health and sexual function are important indicators of a man’s overall health, as well as playing an important role in a satisfying sex life. Performing regular self-exams can help to identify problems before they escalate.

Penis Pain, Discharge, and Testicle Pain – 4 Possible Causes

Penis pain and discharge accompanied by testicle pain are common complaints among men. These symptoms can indicate a number of different conditions – four of the most common are described here.

Penis Enlargement Exercises for Improving Male Sexual Health

Penis enlargement exercises have been found to be effective in improving size of the male sexual organ. They not only help in increasing the length but also the width of the male penis. They are safe and do not cause any harm if undertaken under strict physician supervision.

Penis Function Tips and Tricks – Power-Packed Nutrients for Penis Care

A healthy penis is the key to a happy and satisfying sex life. Including these nutrients as part of a daily male care regimen can help to maintain supple, responsive penis skin.

A Curved Penis – When to Be Concerned

A slight curve in the penis is perfectly normal and no cause for concern. A rigid, extreme curve, however, may indicate a more serious issue. The symptoms of Peyronie’s disease are discussed here.

Penis Pain During Sex – Complications of Frenulum Breve

Penis pain during sex, or dyspareunia, can be caused by problems with the penile connective tissue. Causes and treatment options are discussed here.

Sore Penis Signs All Men Should Be Aware Of

Aches and pains are a common part of the human experience. Muscles can stretch, tendons can tighten, skin can crack and bones can ache, all leading to stiffness and soreness. When these ailments strike a man’s arms or legs, he might be likely to attribute the discomfort to something he did improperly, and he might think back to the pickup basketball game he played, or the hours spent hunched over a computer keyboard.

Penis Performance Boosters – Fire It Up With L-Arginine

Penis performance and overall penis health depend on getting the right nutrients. One important amino acid that is often overlooked can help improve penis function.

Penis Odor – How to Keep It Fresh, Naturally

Bacteria buildup can lead to unpleasant penis odor. Practicing these steps for good personal hygiene and using a daily penis vitamin creme can combat bacterial invasions and the smell that comes along with them.

My Vasectomy – A Story of Great Pain, Unfathomable Courage and Lots of Frozen Vegetables

Not all vasectomies are created equal. Here is my story. No, it is not for the faint of heart. take courage my friends and read on.

A Review Of The Best Natural Testosterone Boosters To Help Increase Testosterone Levels

Most men who work out want to add on pounds of muscle and take off pounds of fat. Until recently, most people felt you had to do one or the other – so add muscle or drop fat – meaning you couldn’t do both at the same time. Recent advances in science and nutrition, however, as well as in training methods has meant that this is now possible. Boosting naturally occurring testosterone levels is one way that the body can transform itself through nutrition, exercise and good supplementation.

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