Mayo Men’s Health Moment: Erectile Dysfunction (ED) Risk Factors

What to Do With a Tingling Penis (and How to Prevent One in the Future)

A tingling penis is not as festive as it sounds. It a painful situation that a man doesn’t need to be in. Read on to learn more about the tingle and how to get rid of it.

Penile Redness: Causes and Treatment

Feeling hot, hot, hot! Penile redness, unfortunately, is not something that feels hot in a good way. Here’s what could be causing penis redness and how to fix it.

Older Guys Need Penis Protection, Too

Penis protection, especially where sexually transmitted infections (STIs) are concerned, is not just a young guy’s concern. Rates of STI transmission are on the rise among older men as well.

Some Sex Tips for the Winter Holidays

The winter holidays are here, which means it’s time for hot cocoa, warm fires, and some holiday sex tips. Take advantage of the time of year to keep a smile on your face.

Penis Odor: 10 Ways to Destroy It Before It Destroys the Mood

Nothing puts romance on ice like penis odor. Here are ten ways to ensure it doesn’t ruin your Saturday night.

Penis Function: Upping the Semen Volume

The subject of penis function encompasses many things, including production of semen. Many men would like to find ways to boost the amount of semen they ejaculate.

Melanosis May Be Mistaken for Penis Rash

Dry flaky penis skin can be unattractive, as can a penis rash. Sometimes that rash-like appearance may be due to a rare condition known as melanosis.

Penis Pain? Duh! Some Easy Answers

It’s true that guys generally don’t like penis pain. Here are some easy answers to obvious questions about what might cause penis pain in some circumstances.

Smegma Symptoms and How to Clean It Up

Smegma-even the word can lead to gagging. It can also be painful, embarrassing, and lead to infections like balanitis. Here are the smegma symptoms a man should be on the lookout for and how to clear it up if it’s plaguing your penis.

Preventing Penis Odor: 6 Ways to Get the Funk Out!

Penis odor can make a man gag, keep the chances for oral away, and make a crowded elevator a nerve-wracking thing. Read on to find out what causes a stinky penis and how to prevent getting one.

Itchy Male Organ Meet Pityrosporum Folliculitis

An itchy male organ can drive a man simply crazy, so he wants to know the cause so he can treat it. In some instances, a yeast infection called pityrosporum folliculitis may be to blame.

Penile Nerve Damage: A Primer on Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment

Penile nerve damage can feel like a man is rocking a lightning bolt in his pants, or it can feel like, well, nothing. Here’s everything a man needs to know about penile nerve damage and how to fix it.

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