How To Get A Good Sex Life

A good sex life doesn’t just happen – it requires a little help, which means a balanced diet combined with regular exercise and a positive attitude. These are all key elements in helping to keep your sex drive high and your reproductive system in good working order. You should also note that there are certain nutrients which have the power to regulate the levels of sex hormones in your body. Some can even help to protect your reproductive system from the potentially damaging effects of infection or disease.

5 Solutions for Male Infertility

Up to 40% of infertility issues for couples are caused by Male Factor Infertility. Natural medicine offers safe, highly effective, scientifically researched and far cheaper alternatives to IUI or IVF.

Penis Care and Protection – Boosting Penile Health With Vitamin D

The skin that surrounds the penis is a bit like the plastic wrapper on a candy bar: It keeps the product inside fresh and protected from the elements, and if the wrapper is attractive enough, a consumer might be persuaded to give that product a closer inspection. Keeping that skin healthy should be at the top of any man’s penis health priority list, and Vitamin D could play a key role. Unfortunately, the average guy might not be getting enough of this element to meet his needs, unless he adds a supplement.

Penis Health Facts – Why Vitamin C Isn’t Just for Colds Anymore

A healthy penis is an important part of healthy sexual function; one cannot have the latter without the former. Vitamin C helps maintain and improve penis health.

Solving Penis Problems – Vital Members of a Penis Healthcare Team

Who should be a part of the solution when a man has a penis problem? It depends on the issue striking that delicate tissue.

Sexual Stimulant or Health Hazard: Why Sex and Alcohol Don’t Mix

Many individuals falsely believe that alcohol improves their sex life. In reality, it hinders it and can lead to some potentially dangerous side effects.

Penis Sensitivity Secrets: Experimentation Can Be the Key to Lasting Pleasure

It might sound corny, but a man’s penis is as individual as his fingerprint. The tool he was born with, the care he’s given to the equipment, and the ways in which he’s used his body in the past can all lead up to a very specific sensory map. As a result, every guy might have specific parts of the penis that are intensely pleasurable, even when other men can touch that same spot on their own bodies and feel nothing at all in response.

Pregnancy and STI Prevention – Choosing the Best Approach to Birth Control

Couples who are sexually intimate should make it a priority to talk about STI prevention, not to mention birth control. There are numerous types of birth control for couples to discuss.

Avoiding Itchy Penis and Other Hygiene Horrors

As legions of mothers and wives can attest, men aren’t known for their tidiness skills. In fact, the average guy can likely handle all sorts of conditions that a woman would find absolutely intolerable. Even the most slovenly man might pay attention to matters of hygiene, however, when it’s date night and action is imminent.

Defining Premature Ejaculation, the Responsibility and Guides for the Selection of Treatment

Many men consider themselves as having premature ejaculation or not by measuring how long they can last in bed. This is a wrong concept, because the premature ejaculation is very individual for each man and specific to his partner only and does not depend on how long he can last. Therefore, when it comes to overcoming premature ejaculation, both sides of the couple should be involved for some reasons. Read the full articles to get a complete insight.

The Most Famous Head of Hair in History

“Don’t go after a lion, but don’t be afraid to try something new.” Learn why Samson is a beacon of strength for men and their hair.

Low Sex Drive in Men – What It Means and Doesn’t Mean

It is often believed that men are always ready for a romp in the hay, but in truth, men are likely to experience periods where they just aren’t interested. Understanding the causes of low sex drive can help to restore a man’s former vigor.

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