My NEW Testosterone “Stack” (why I’m lowering my dose…)

Avoiding Penis Pain – 4 Steps to Take During Sex With a New Partner

Sex with a new partner can be thrilling, but too much enthusiasm can also lead to penis pain. These four steps can help to ensure that a sore penis isn’t repeated on the next encounter.

What Is Peyronie’s Disease and How Can It Be Treated?

Even though it may be considered typical for an erect penis to be a bit curved, an excessive amount of curving may possibly suggest Peyronie’s Disease. The ailment, that affects something like 10% of adult males, quite often causes the sufferer discomfort, and could cause sexual activity to become difficult and painful. Peyronie’s Disease is a condition marked by scar tissue forming within the tunica albuginea – the dense sheath of tissue enveloping the corpora cavernosa, or the soft, fleshy section of the phallus, that often presents itself as a sensitive lump felt in the penis.

The Dilemma of Suffering From Male Breast Enlargement

Big breasts are for women and firm muscled chests are for men. Big breasts are always associated with women and if men started to have big breasts, this could disturb the norms of the society. Men with big breasts are not accepted by the society because this is against the norms. Having woman-like breasts could seriously hurt one’s manhood and self-image. The dilemma of suffering from male breast enlargement is beyond imagination.

Different Types Of Male Enhancement Pill

Having a small “tool” is probably one of the most unpleasant subjects for men. Although this is not something that can affect the pleasure they can have in a sexual intercourse, having a big one sounds attractive particularly for women. From the use of a male enhancement pill and doing “special” exercises for the little one, men have wondered a lot in improving their manhood.

Things You Must Know Before Purchasing A Male Enhancement Pill

Male enhancers are known to provide a solution for those who are having erection problems. Most men of old age experience this, but younger men experience this too. If you are having erection problems, you may want to use a male enhancement pill to get your sex life back on track.

Side Effects Of Using A Male Enhancement Pill

A male enhancement pill can remedy erectile dysfunction effectively. More and more men these days are getting interested with its use, not knowing the side effects that may cause aggravated medical conditions. That’s right – there are risks involving the usage of male enhancers.

The Male Enhancement Pill: Lies And Myths

Utilizing a male enhancement pill is still questioned by many nowadays on how effective it is. This might be because of the lies spread on the internet by manufacturers who just want to earn quick cash from gullible consumers. Contrary to what skeptics say about male enhancers, these products really work.

The Many Benefits Of Using A Male Enhancement Pill

The male enhancement pill has lots of benefits. Even though there are still many skeptics about its medical wonders, more and more men nowadays are already using it not just to improve how they perform in bed, but also their overall health. This is because male supplements nowadays are already packed with essential nutrients that your body needs.

Utilizing A Male Enhancement Pill: Is It Permanent?

Nowadays, more and more men are getting interested with the usage of a male enhancement pill. This is because of the favorable effects it can provide in somebody’s sex life. However, many are curious if a male enhancer can bring out permanent effects too.

Sexual Function and High Cholesterol – Revealing the Connection

Erectile dysfunction is often the first visible symptom of high cholesterol. However, the link between these two seemingly unrelated conditions is not always obvious. The connection between high cholesterol and sexual function is revealed here.

Male Enhancement: What You Need To Know and the 3 Keys to Making the Decision

Women are known to do just about anything to their bodies in order for them to feel good about themselves or to gain the attention of men. It is becoming more common in today’s culture to see men doing the same types of improvements. Aside from working out and going tanning, men are doing things much differently than women in that they are exploring male enhancement options.

Erectile Function and Cardiovascular Health – Exploring the Heart-Erection Connection

Most men are aware that heart health can affect erectile function; but some aspects of this link are not completely obvious. An overview of the connection between erections and heart health is offered here.

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