My Response to Greg Doucette & Scott Herman (TRT = FAKE NATTY?)

Five Penis Grooming Tips and Tricks – Make the Most of Man’s Favorite Tool

A little bit of TLC goes a long way when it comes to male personal care. Learn how the right approach to penis grooming can result in a more attractive, healthier and more responsive tool.

Dangerous Masturbation Techniques? Odd Consequences of Fifty Shades of Grey

The 50 Shades of Grey series was a boon for booksellers all across the world, as legions of hungry female fans flocked to shops each time a new chapter in the story of Anastasia and Christian was released. But it’s not only women who have been influenced by this story of kinky sex. In fact, research suggests that some men are incorporating a little grey into their self-sex lives, and they may need personalized penis care as a result.

Positive Developements In the Male Enhancement Field

Modern science is finally catching up with the male desire to be bigger. This article profiles a few of the techniques that are being implemented.

The Best Way to Increase Your Testosterone

Over the past few years men have been bombarded with advertisements about low testosterone and its consequences. According to these ads you can increase it by adding testosterone in the form of a supplement, and this will make a “new man” out of you. Adding testosterone directly, however, can have serious consequences. The present article shows a better way of getting it.

Is Gynecomastia Genetic?

Gynecomastia can be genetic if it is due to Kleinfelter Syndrome. What is Kleinfelter syndrome and what are the symptoms are answered in this article.

The JAI Stretch – Incredibly Powerful Penis Enlargement Exercise That Will Add Inches to Your Penis!

There are lots of different exercises and workouts programs that are getting better and more advanced all the time. One of these really effective and useful exercises is the JAI stretch.

Penis Health and Vitamin D – Introducing the Miracle Nutrient

Vitamins are an essential part of one’s overall health, especially vitamin D. Learn more about the powerful vitamin and how it keeps the penis healthy.

Secret Penis Care Tips for Women – How to Pamper His Manhood

Penis care and pampering can be a godsend to a man and can move a relationship to a new level. Paying special attention to a man’s tool also helps to ensure its continued health.

Jelqing Tips To Maximize Penis Enlargement Gains

If you’ve heard of the jelqing exercise for penis enlargement, then you may have heard how long it takes and how gains can be very minimal. Well there are tips for maximizing your penis enlargement gains through the jelqing exercise.

Penis Enlargement Exercises – The Ultimate Introduction to Jelqing

Penis enlargement exercises exist all over the World Wide Web nowadays, teaching men how to gain better penile width and length with ease. Jelqing is one of these penis enlargement exercises and is known to be one of the best ways to get the job done, as well.

Penis Enlargement Exercises – How to Succeed in the World of Jelqing

Since you are reading this article, it would be safe to assume that you are interested in learning more about penis enlargement exercises, either because you have heard about it in the past or really are in dire need of penis enlargement. If you have already heard about penis enlargement exercises, then you must have heard about jelqing by now, as well. Generally speaking, jelqing refers to one of the penis enlargement exercises that sends more blood into the penis through a special repetitive moving grip and motion.

Penis Enlargement Exercises – Top Tips for Jelqing to Get a Bigger Penis

There are various penis enlargement exercises in today’s day and age, but jelqing is considered to be the most popular one due to the fact that it can effectively lengthen and thicken a man’s penis at the same time. As with other penis enlargement exercises out there that focus on girth, jelqs work by sending more blood to the erectile tissues to expand the penile chambers past their usual capacity. Thanks to this, brand new cells can grow, divide and then multiply, resulting in a bigger penis overall.

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