Now *This* Is How You Put On Lean Supervillain Muscle

A Mature Way to Prolong Sexual Intercourse

Premature ejaculation, also known as early ejaculation, can be treated by different methods. Oral treatment is one of the trusted and non-invasive methods to treat this condition. You can take Priligy (dapoxetine) pills to enjoy long-lasting sexual intercourse.

Hair Removal For Men, What Are The Options?

Body hair removal is something which men are starting to make more and more seriously, particularly in today’s metro sexual society. It wasn’t too long ago that men really weren’t too fussed about their overall appearance but now male personal grooming is becoming more and more popular. The look of a hairy man is slowing becoming less fashionable and for that reason more men are looking for easy options for the removal of hair.

What Makes Male Enhancement Pills Effective?

Penis size enhancements can use various methods. There are surgeries, pumps, devices and a plethora of male enhancement pills. The best method for lasting improvements to penis size enlargement and better sexual performance is to take safe and proven enhancement pills. The best male enhancement pills are formulated using healthy, safe and all natural ingredients. The best sexual experience of your life… and hers… can be had by simply taking one or a few pills a day (depending on the brand of male enhancement pills).

Cure Erectile Dysfunction: How Self-Hypnosis Can Help

Self Hypnosis and Impotency. What is Impotence? Impotency is a consistent inability to sustain long enough erection to have sex, or have an erection at all; hence he is suffering from what is known as Erectile Dysfunction. In many instances, this is only a transitory condition as it sometimes caused by psychological or emotional problems.

3 Sneaky Tricks To Help You Go The Extra Mile In Bed (Your Partner Will Have No Idea)

When it comes to having sex, there are a lot of things that can go wrong and kill the moment. One of the worst things is when you can’t last long enough to really give your woman pleasure.

Performance Anxiety And Premature Ejaculation

Many people think that only physical and physiological factors lead to premature ejaculation. But performance anxiety is a big culprit of PE. Find out more about the link between PE and performance anxiety.

Male Infertility Testing – What Is It?

To tell a man that he might be the cause of not being able to conceive a child with his wife can really do a lot of damage to his ego. Sadly infertility is a big problem and it seems to be getting worse all the time. Many blame the environment, the food you eat and just the air you breath can be a reason as to why a couple cannot conceive.

Penis Enlargement: Pills Vs Surgery

It is never easy to make a tough decision, but when the decision is related to your sexual health, the difficulty seems even more overwhelming. Women have battled for years the confusion surrounding breast enlargement but now even men seem to have to take the extremely difficult decision – which penis enlargement option to go for?

Science Behind Erections

Impotence has various common causes. Scientists have found a connection between heart disease and impotence. Impotence is the indicator for your heart problem. Treating the conditions causing cardiovascular disease prevents the chances of impotence. Let’s read some facts in this regard.

Maintaining Sexual Health Well Into The Golden Years!

There is possibly nothing more devastating to a man as the day when he finally realizes that he’s not the young buck he once was. Whether this realization comes on the day that he can’t hit a fast ball, reach a par 5 in two or just get giggles when he approaches a younger woman, it’s no fun and can have many unwanted psychological consequences.

Andropause Male Menopause – Do I Have To Get It?

It seems that women are no longer the only ones that suffer through changes as they get older; we now know that men do too. The male version of menopause is called andropause. While andropause is not recognized officially, it is the term we use to describe the biological changes that happen to middle aged men and often compare these changes to menopause.

Tricks to Treating Premature Ejaculation

Over 40% of males in the United States of America suffer from premature ejaculation issues. For being such a large issue in so many men it really is not talked about. It’s fairly simple to see why, I mean it an embarrassing issue to have. Most men who suffer from this issue either pretend they don’t or ignore the idea all together.

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